Business mistakes made due to inaccuracies in the translation

few years ago, students of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Alaska assembled a collection of the most paradoxical mistakes made by well-known US companies due to inaccuracies in the translation and misunderstanding of the realities that exist in other countries.

For example, the giant American auto industry - General Motors' got into an awkward situation by exporting your new car Chevrolet Nova in the markets of Latin America.
found that No va in Spanish means "can not move."

perfume company delivers its Clairol dry deodorant in Germany, using clogan Mist Stick («foggy deodorant").
It turned out that the word Mist («Fog") in German slang for "manure".

Colgate-Palmolive Company put on the French market its new toothpaste Cue.
later the Americans know what the name is a popular French pornozhurnal.

A Pepsi literally translated into Chinese its main advertising slogan: "Live with a generation" Pepsi »(Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation), shocking the Chinese.
This slogan in China has gained an unexpected sound: "Pepsi" make your ancestors rise from their graves. "

In China, the situation turned out to be stupid, and Coca-Cola: here pronounce the name of this drink as "Kekukela", which means "bite the wax tadpole."
company was forced to move 40 thousand. Spellings of their brand before was chosen "Kokou Kole", which in Chinese means "happiness in the mouth."

Airline American Airlines installed in their aircraft leather seats and decided to inform the Mexican consumers.
In English call sounded well: Fly in Leather («Fly in the skin!"), But in the Spanish version "Vuela en Cuero" it reads: "fly naked!»

At Coors beer advertising slogan used by Turn It Loose!("Be free!").
But because the literal translation into Spanish has turned "suffer from diarrhea!»

Company Frank Purdue, which produces chicken in the United States uses the slogan It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken (rough translation: "To prepare a tender chicken, requiredstrong man").
Translated into Spanish, this phrase has acquired a slightly different meaning: "We need a sexually excited man to become a tender chicken."

In the United States in an awkward situation turned out to be a well-known Scandinavian home appliance maker Electrolux: he brought his vacuum cleaners to the American market with the slogan Nothing Sucks Like an Electrolux - «No one sucks like Electrolux».

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