To be beautiful - simply: Tips Hollywood stars

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For modern women (especially - Russian), every day is also responsible, as the output of the red carpet.Going to the office, out on a date, meet with friends, or simply to the gym, we think over clothes, hairstyles, makeup ... Hollywood stars are divided into simple but effective beauty secrets.

Beyonce: "Smile more often!»

woman becomes particularly attractive when she smiles.But other than that, the main rule of beauty, which I learned - always use a moisturizer.

Mary J. Blige, "cleanses the skin.Even when you are very tired »

can not spend the whole day or night, without having washed.You must clear the pores from makeup and dirt.

Gwyneth Paltrow: "Use restoring skin oils»

I use omega-3 oils.Like oil sheen on the skin.This is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world!

America Ferrera: "Drink more water»

When I began to drink more water, my skin, hair and nails have become noticeably better.

Scarlett Johansson: "Apply makeup stages»

My advice is simple: I prefer to start applying make-up with matting base and then add shine skin using Shimmer.

Liv Tyler: "Use rose water»

Once you have done the tonal foundation and blush, walk through the skin powder, then sprinkle the face with rose water and apply to it a second towel.This will give the person the freshness, and your skin - a natural appearance, and if you were not painted at all.

Eva Mendes: "Mix with self-tanning moisturizer»

Tanning with shimmering particles - the best way to "revive" the face.If you do not want to apply makeup, mix it with a moisturizer.You'll look just fine.

Isla Fisher: "Dry hairdryer lashes»

to give your lashes a beautiful bend, use the hairdryer: they send a stream of air and hold a few seconds, and then apply a special ink.

Gwen Stefani: "Create your own shades»

I love to mix a ton of makeup, creating new colors.For example, first I put a matte lipstick, then use a shine.Do you want to ask me how to use lipstick and dirty at the same time teeth?The secret is simple: be careful!

Rocario Dawson: "Just stay a»

I'm very affable person, so for me it is important that my make-up did not stop me smile and that he did not look too deliberate.Funny how, for example, Victoria Beckham poses for pictures.I just can not.

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