Is it worth it to buy dollars right now, or how to save your money from inflation?

political situation today makes think seriously about the future.It is terrible not only for their own well-being, but also for life.Yet one of the main issues becomes cash.Is it worth it to buy dollars at the current exchange rate volatility or prefer the national currency?This problem has plagued not only the financiers with an analytical mind, and mere mortals.Although the owners of small savings can hardly fail to make a fortune in the short-term rate fluctuations or to make money on the stock market, but still a tendency to profitable investments and intuitive flair changes in currency exchange rates will help save your money from inflation and predict possible developments.

Why is so much excitement around the purchase of foreign currency?

Anyone even slightly interested in the news and to track changes in exchange rates, notes that in recent years, these fluctuations occur very often.Every action on the part of the leading world powers to provoke change of course.These events are in the midst of the large number of Russian media.

devalues ‚Äč‚Äčnational currency began appreciably more in 2012.Professional trade in the currency market and securities involves huge risk and dependence on the slightest news fluctuations, but also the purchase of dollars in real life becomes dangerous.Since today the sale price may be several times more than it will be tomorrow.

buy foreign currency should have a certain confidence in the benefits of its subsequent sale.Absolute guarantee on such a possibility can not provide one, making it possible to give a simple and logical explanation: the ratio of the ruble against the dollar, largely depends on oil prices.Note that the barrel of "black gold" is unlikely to reach the psychologically comfortable for Russian economy abroad of $ 100, and a fall in hydrocarbon prices can not last forever.
Russia as a world power has effective levers available to all oil-producing countries, by means of which can partially regulate the situation in the financial market.

Nuances operations

If hands have a considerable amount of money, it is always possible to translate them into foreign currency.But it should be noted that in order to cover the financial costs have to wait for a serious difference in exchange rates.If there is doubt as to whether it is advantageous to buy dollars now, it is better to wait, as the US currency today has exhausted the potential for significant growth.

For investments you can always find more effective mechanisms.For example, almost 11 years there was a gradual rise in price of gold, which is then replaced by a gradual decrease in prices.But on closer observation on metals can always make a much larger amount than in the currency and stocks.If living in Russia and receiving payment for work in the ruble equivalent, wondering about whether to buy dollars today, you should immediately understand that this is not dizzying profits bring.But the relatively high US dollar offers unlimited business opportunities in the export of Russian goods.In addition, it is a chance to translate into monetary equivalent of their knowledge and skills, implemented on the Internet, and get a payment in foreign currency.Therefore, the question of whether to buy dollars right now, we must think seriously.

Financial Crisis: trouble or luck?

In fact, the decision about what to do with their personal savings - it's private life, his financial policy, and the result of his reasons, which must not lead to loss of funds.This became apparent after throwing manifestations of the global financial crisis has an impact on the Russian economy.The crisis is not a disaster for the economy.Rather, it serves as a creative reconstruction and clearing it of all unnecessary.In other words, it is an impulse for a more efficient development of the economy.But a positive result of the crisis is noticeable only to the government, and not the simple townsfolk, who can not decide whether or not to buy dollars right now and it is fraught with negative consequences.What to do?

So whether or not to buy dollars right now, given the tense situation in the country and the world?

Definitely need to plan savings, and a significant amount of which is under the mattress, only the decreases in price.If the main income and expenses in the national currency, then it is not necessary to translate.But if the received funds, which currently are not of fundamental importance, that they can be converted into the equivalent of a dollar, and put on the appropriate savings account.But no one today can predict with accuracy the developments in the foreign exchange market.So, a month ago has been a clear trend towards the cheapening of the ruble against the dollar and the euro.But now stopped falling.The ruble has started to level off.Whether to buy dollars now?It is quite possible, especially if you comfortable with the risks and do not make plans to get rich quick.

How can that be?

summarize our arguments.If you are thinking about whether to buy dollars right now, then calculate the total amount of your savings and think about how long you can do without them.If the period is significant, as the core budget is carried out in national currency, it is possible to transfer the funds and put them to better times.It should be noted that loans and other loans are worth taking in the currency in which to keep their savings.It would be wise not to "keep all your eggs in one basket", as a means to divide into parts in different currencies to devalue at the same receiving the payment in another.