Back insurance on the loan.

Getting a loan in the bank - a procedure in which the borrower is sometimes necessary to pay certain commissions, as well as to conclude an agreement on insurance of credit.If the entire amount of the debt will be repaid ahead of schedule, the borrower has the ability to get a refund of insurance on the loan.You can do this in several ways.

situation in the structure

Not so long ago, almost all banks have introduced new obligations for borrowers in the form of health insurance, life and property.Now, making out a loan or credit, the bank customer must sign an insurance contract.Because of this, there is a need to make additional funds.But the legitimacy of compulsory insurance is sometimes questionable.And if you know this, then we can get a refund of insurance on the loan.The law currently in effect, it allows you to do this.

credit protection

Banking institutions insure the loan amount in order to secure themselves and gain back the funds given to the customer under any circumstances.The current legislation says that the health and life insurance is voluntary, but the collateral should be protected certainly.In fact, many banks are imposed on customers absolutely all types of insurance, but in the case of a vehicle or property, which act as collateral for the bank by the borrower, this procedure is also quite profitable.If unforeseen circumstances in the form of partial or complete destruction of the destruction of homes, the remainder of the debt will have to close the insurance company.However, quite often this fee acts as an expensive and unnecessary options and is not always available for loan insurance refund.

If a borrower is confident that soon will be able to repay the loan, then this additional service only to take his money.It is necessary to agree on the conclusion of the contract with the insurance company only in situations where the loan is taken for a long period and high threat of loss of solvency in the event of job loss due to the loss of jobs or loss of health.This insurance cases, so we can expect that the company will be reimbursed in cash.

Making contract

Upon receipt of the loan the borrower is often paid by the various commissions, which was not notified in advance.Often he has to make and the so-called sum insured.If such a contract was absent, you can contact the financial institution with a written request for a refund of insurance on the loan.If the bank agrees, then the borrower will receive their funds.If you do not agree, you can file a lawsuit.Back insurance on the loan will be made in the resolution of the case in favor of the borrower.


When a customer decides to enter into a contract of insurance of credit, it is necessary to examine all the conditions prescribed therein as thoroughly as possible.It indicates the amount of the policy, and lists the items relating to the return of the sum insured options in different situations, in particular if the contract is terminated.The borrower has the right to offer specific and essential terms of the contract for him, which he is ready to take on the obligations.

Objects contract

  1. human health and life, which are issued loans.
  2. property that is acquired by the mortgage program, and then serves as collateral for the mortgage.It should be noted that the return of the mortgage insurance has certain features, which will be explained later.
  3. vehicle that was purchased at the expense of an auto loan.

These types of insurance are designed to give the customer the opportunity to pay off credit debt in a situation where an insured event occurs.


How in different regions of our country can receive a refund of insurance on the loan?Ufa, for example - is a city in which it is possible to get in institutions such as Sberbank and Bank "Renaissance".In each case, the situation is seen by specialists.If prepaid the entire amount of the loan when the insurance contract is still valid, you can get the money already given insurance company.For this purpose it is necessary to address a written request for the refund amount that was overpaid.At best, the employees of the company will be made the calculations, then you can count on a return of consumer credit insurance.At worst, you will refuse to pay, and then you can submit a claim to the judicial authorities.According to the court the client will be paid to the remains of the paid sum and legal costs will be paid by the insurer company.

In some cases, terms of the contract may include the need to pay for an insurance policy annually.In this case, if the loan will be repaid in full, the customer can stop payments on its insurance contract is actually abandoning the company's services in the future.If the contract there are some special circumstances, it will cease to exist automatically.

If we continue to talk about where it is carried out in certain regions of the return on the loan insurance, Krasnoyarsk - a city in which it is possible to get in institutions such as Sberbank and "Renaissance."

Amounts repayable

When an insurance company agrees to cancel the contract and return the money to the client, it often aims to pay the customer less the amount of the put, it reduces the expense that includes a calculation of their expenses.Back insurance on the loan until it is carried out without carrying out any specifically developed and approved methods of calculating the amount.In the event of early termination of the contract is valid only provision which permits retention of funds by the organization costs to service contract during the period of its validity.The customer has the right to demand the provision of cost estimates upon during this time.The basis of this calculation must be laid only a commission to the employee of the company, because it was accompanied by a particular treaty.

refusal to pay insurance

Company may refuse the client to pay the amount of insurance, due to him, referring to the specific circumstances:

- Skipping application deadline.Usually it is a month after the occurrence of the insured event, unless the contract otherwise stated.If you write an application for some reason is not possible, it should notify the employee of the company.

- In a statement missing required data: the contract number and the date of its conclusion, the information about the insured person, and there is no date of occurrence of the insured event or circumstances.

- not accompanied by the documents on the fact of the come accident required to pay.

Documents can have different compositions depending on the insured event:

  • incapacity involves the provision of a medical certificate and an extract from the patient card;
  • death of the insured person requires a corresponding certificate from the registry office.

In the latter case the refund will be made on the loan insurance."Renaissance" - a bank in which the return is the beneficiary specified in the contract, or the heir.Getting cash in the bank "Renaissance" is not particularly difficult if you will be met the conditions of the contract.To do this, just need to provide a complete package of required documents.

Know your rights!

in accordance with the law "On insurance of individual deposits in banks of the Russian Federation", the process of applying for a loan does not allow financial institutions to require borrowers to insure their health or life.However, most of these organizations to get certain benefits, uses customer ignorance of the laws and their rights.Most often, customers do not proofreads thoroughly the terms of contracts, and agree on the design of insurance, because we are convinced that this is a mandatory condition of credit.

However, the borrower has the right to refuse insurance even after he signed it.To return the money that has been paid on it, the borrower is required to write the appropriate application, and then take it to the bank or insurance company.In the case of rejection of the request can go to court with a claim Rospotrebnadzor.However, in this case all the legal costs the client will have to pay yourself.

terms of the loan agreement

Before calling, for example, the Savings Bank, refund of insurance on the loan in which you wish to request, you must carefully examine the loan agreement.If it states that the early repayment of a refund is not possible, then the claim will be rejected by the court, because the bank will not be violated any rights of the borrower.

Looking from another angle

Insurance can be seen from the other side.It is a very profitable way of investing money, as well as the opportunity to return their money in the event of any emergency.

Borrower, if desired, can keep the relationship with your insurance company, but after will be completed loan obligations, is required to renew the contract so that the beneficiary has become either the borrower or his relatives, and not the bank, which arrange the loan,for example, the Savings Bank.

Back insurance on the loan at maturity of the mortgage or car loan early

Insurance of real estate and car - it is a prerequisite for registration of the loan.It is a tool to protect the bank from possible risks, as purchased a car or property are often the collateral.But if it was the early repayment of the loan, and insurance remains valid, the borrower has the right to a refund.For this written statement, which must be addressed to the insurance company.

The situation with the Savings Bank, as well as with all the others, all will be well.If within a month after registration of the loan the borrower has requested the return of the insurance premium and the bank application has been granted, then he will receive the full amount in full.

In case since the loan processing has come a long period of time, the borrower can expect a refund only of the premium.To do this, he needs to contact the office of the Savings Bank with your passport and application.In consideration of the situation usually it takes about a month.If the Bank is satisfied with the Borrower's request, the funds have been transferred to his bank card or a personal account.Similarly, it is working and "Sovkombank".Back insurance on the loan is not made only in the event of the circumstances described above.


before signing the insurance contract the loan, must be carefully and closely examine all of its provisions, as well as to include a clause on the possibility of termination, and prescribe the conditions for the return of insurance.It is recommended to enter into such a contract if you take credit for the long term and are not sure that it will be able to prepay.If you can pay it ahead of time, then you can write an application for refund of insurance on the loan.