Surprise for my husband.

Contemporary art, primarily feature films, is a whole treasure trove of possibilities and options to make an unusual act and surprise her husband.But a more interesting way in this direction will be independent of fantasy, which should be based on knowledge of the spouse.As a result, an unexpected surprise to be different by several important qualities to emphasize the enthusiasm and masculine qualities of each individual.

especially the second half

Prior to implementation of the plan, it is necessary once again to recall all the important features of a surprise destination.Humble and do not emit spouse is unlikely to enjoy the extravagant behavior of his wife, if she also used to be always caring and sweet.To do this, facial features perfect romantic surprise.After her husband returned from work, he must wait a note with an invitation to a memorable place or a cafe, restaurant, club.If there is a man of passion current version will be the organization of urban quest where the main gift is a quiet family evening with his girlfriend.Joint dinner can also be prepared in advance: choose the thematic area or the kitchen of one of the exotic countries for DIY cooking.Prior to this, ask friends and relatives arrange the room in the required style.This pleasant romantic surprise even the most sophisticated husband.Active young man who loves extreme sports, which are not averse to try out many of them yourself, you can give a parachute jump, fly on an airship or balloon, or a subscription to the wind tunnel.

general principles for the majority of the spouses

Many men are sports fans, so the decision will help the ticket to a football, baseball or other sports match.Better yet, buy a pass-renowned concert artist, theatrical performance, a humorous show or banal film.Thus, a woman will understand their support and understanding.Good play and a sense of humor to tell a poem of his own composition in a joking manner, or draw a cheerful collage, even if the painting skills are not available, so get even more comical.

surprise gift can spark relationships with new colors.The main thing is not to overdo it and do not turn everything into a quarrel.It is necessary to carefully consider the action plan and choose the perfect moment.After all, if the trouble, the husband is clearly not up to the happy moments.On the other hand, it might distract from the problems of a loved one.It is important not to cross the line.A pleasant massage, a delicious meal, and the right attitude - that's the best in this situation.

five ideas of the modern woman on the wedding anniversary

Unexpected gifts in our time to do each time more difficult, as almost nothing to surprise a loved one.On the other hand, with the advent of technology, the Internet and mobile phones increased and the possibility of a surprise on the anniversary of her husband.But all the advice that can be found on the network, or to learn from friends, quickly become obsolete, and in most cases are suitable only for one evening without a single bright long sensations.Here are five different options have identity and otherness:

  1. If the action takes place near the beach while on vacation or a couple living on the coast on a regular basis, you can arrange with the dolphins swimming, yachting and diving.Less of this proposal - unavailability for the middle class and bind to a specific site venue.
  2. brief excursion into the history of relations will perform an album with photos.It is better to present all artistic style with elements of the game.
  3. Flashmob.The most difficult to implement the project, but will be much longer the emotions of the five options proposed.
  4. declaration of love and a proposal once again become the spouses of the woman - a real surprise for her husband.If a loved one is too bombastic style, then fit a little theatricality: manipulative performance, a parody or a small supply in the playful verse.
  5. limited budget, you can compensate for the onslaught on nature (edge ​​of the forest, river, picnic on the hill).Sunset and a delicious dinner - an excellent gift.

Birthday usefully body

Currently, in almost every city, especially major metropolitan areas for birthdays available discounts in the shops, entertainment and sports facilities.The clubs or bowling party will be an excellent option in the genre of the youth of America.It is possible to coincide with the feast Movies on loud or novelty hit of the season.A good solution is to opt for a modern spa or establishment of such a plan.Order the better of their choice taking into account the preferences of men: tea ceremony according to the custom of one of the Asian countries, exfoliation, massage, sauna or wrap.But the most unexpected and happy surprise gift - send her husband fully prepared with all the necessary accessories with friends in a bath.In the meantime, the spouse will be fun, friends help you prepare a grand dinner and celebrate a solemn date in the company of guests.

Music Impromptu

If time is short, and there is nothing interesting to organize fails, a good option would be to replace the beloved phone ringtone.Ideal greetings from the animated movie or famous films, also have the opportunity to take the help of pop stars and their vocal masterpieces.Crocodile Gena, F. Sinatra and others are able to surprise even the most experienced person.Make surprise my husband for his birthday so it will be easy, but it's not just a birthday present a variety of emotions, but also cheer up the entire company, sitting at the desk or relax in the restaurant.Classics of the genre

Recently card, handwritten, on the right to return to Olympus, the best gifts of congratulations.The message can express their thoughts, trite to say that out loud.Declaration of love, wish anything bad, opening secrets ... In this case, you can not think how to tell her husband about the pregnancy, through the card will surprise and even unexpected.He will make a happy young man to commit incredible acts.In addition, the colorful message is well maintained, and then remember for wishes, in what period of life together were important certain things.Sometimes reading the cards not only brightens up dull or boring evening, and returns the forgotten emotions and experiences.

If the beloved wife in the day forced to work, the placement of smaller cards in the pockets of clothing will help make this situation even joyful.In the evening, an act perfectly complement box with surprise.Regardless of the specific things it will be even more reason to be happy.

Choosing a gift to give preference to one or the other presents, have a lot to smash his head.Predict the specific desire of the beloved is not as easy as it seems at first glance.But the commitment and the goal to help cope with the task.Tips for the perfect gift, there are many.Almost all of them are based on the traits and the interests of a loved one.The first thing you want to exclude from the scope of the potential gift items clothes, perfumes, toiletries and other platitudes.If you think there is no time, perfect box with surprise.

can put there some trifle.At the same time it should be a memorable and exciting for her husband.Here are some options of gifts that fit almost every type of man:

  • Paired design circles.A great option with a pink coloration in - his wife, and a blue-blue - her husband.In addition, their own family photos posted on the outside, nice to complement the whole decor.In this woman's picture is necessary to put on the man's cup, and vice versa.
  • certificate to participate in the test drive stunning machine (for motorists).Most dealers offer a regular consumer of such services.
  • If the couple are abroad as a tourist destination, you can make a surprise for her husband as a guide.A good option would be a gift copy.In another suit colorful panorama of photos of where we would like to go on holiday in the next vacation.

Fishermen and office staff

for fans to sit by the river with a fishing rod a good choice or accessories will tackle this hobby.We just need to understand the enthusiasm of his Blessed and specialty shops hometown offer the entire range of products.Surprise for her husband in a tie, you can do the spouse who almost can not do without this garment and loves to wear it.

Bibliophiles and gamers

If you give a loved one a book, it is better not to do it in a single copy.For example, buy three or four brochures, and five will be an excellent option.For people who spend long hours at the computer, fit the game disc or a subscription to an online version of fun.Such a surprise for her husband in the presence of the Internet is available.


In principle, the option with the gift is not so little.Ashtray - smokers.Camera - lovers to capture family life in digital form.Amenities - who regularly attends such an institution, meets with friends and notes in the sauna memorable dates and holidays.Sometimes women are thinking how to tell her husband about the pregnancy.Surprise of the plan is an intimate part of life of people in love.Therefore it is better to do it in a calm quiet environment, remaining tete-a-tete with her husband, so that no one could stop to tell the good news.