As with the iPhone to throw the music on iPhone without ITunes

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As with the iPhone to throw the music on iPhone?Often this need arises when you have purchased a new smartphone and you want to throw at it, all data from the old.For a simple and quick solution to this issue is most suitable PhoneTrans Pro.

On the one hand, ITunes allows you to transfer content from your gadget to a new cell.But in this case you have to spend a few hours on tedious and useless backup / restore data.On the other hand, for a quick fix, you can simply follow the step by step guide posted below.

As with the iPhone to throw the music on iPhone without ITunes

Download from the network service PhoneTrans Pro (free).Connect your iPhone to the desired content to your PC.If you have two cables USB, you can connect to a PC two iPhone at one and the same time.Open PhoneTrans Pro & gt;Music.Select the songs you want to transfer and click on the selected device.

process of transferring, for example, 6,000 songs can take up to twenty minutes.At this time you can use your computer to perform any tasks because PhoneTrans Pro is a program does not affect the multi-tasking devices.


When you purchase a new IPad, IPhone or Itouch and want to import all the songs and movies from your old device, you can do it using PhoneTrans Pro.It is a handy assistant that can simply solve the problem of how to throw the iPhone music on iPhone, and any other device IOS.Due to the convenience and speed of the service allows you to instantly share music with family and friends.

How to transfer audio files from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 in another way?

If you need to copy music from iPhone 4 to the fifth generation of gadget, you can use another option transfer.The free app IOS Transfer allow you to do it with ease.This service is another way to add music to iPhone without Itunes.Such an application can completely control the music in the palm of your hands without Itunes.It helps iPhone user to import, export, delete songs directly, without additional connections.In addition, the software allows you to easily transfer videos, playlists, applications, photos and other content IPhone, IPod and IPad computer.

Below is a step by step guide how to throw the music on the iPhone using the iPhone IOS Transfer.

Step 1. Connect the device to a PC.To do this you need two cables USB, because you want to synchronize with a computer, both the gadget (simultaneously).

Step 2 .Download IOS Transfer and run on your computer.This program is available for free on many resources.

Step 3. Open preview data on IPhone.Once the application detects the device, on the left side service interface, you can see it in the list.All data stored on your iPhone 4 and 5, will be listed in organized categories below paragraph "Library" located in the left pane.Simply click on the types or specific files to make the preview.

Step 4. Then select the files that you need to download for Iphone 5, highlight them and press "Transfer" - button in the right corner.You will see a pop-up window with the different options.Choose from these "Passing on the list."Continuing to carry out instructions on how to transfer music to iPhone 5, just click Transfer NOW in the lower right corner - and all will be copied automatically.