Can I keep the waist under a winter sweater?

Oh sky breathed in the autumn, much less the sun shone, becoming shorter day ... so poetically described the classic one of the main factors that affects our metabolism: reduction of daylight - Flare for the body: winter is coming, to do inventory.And it is on stocks of fat around the waist, which in the spring so annoying to many.

for autumn restructuring organism metabolism towards fat accumulation - a way to survive the coming winter cold and lack of fodder.Animals easily spend the accumulated fat people - on the contrary, gain weight easily and lose their hard-won.

causes of weight gain in the colder time of the year a few.But there is good news: knowing these reasons, we can reduce their impact on the figure.

day becomes shorter

Feeling decrease in solar energy, the body tries to put every calorie reserves.The easiest way to make quick break down carbohydrates.On a clear day, we allow ourselves to eat ice cream and sweet drinks to quench your thirst.Plus an abundance of seasonal fruits that are rich in glucose.

opinions that do not recover from the fruit that can be eaten in unlimited quantities - a myth.Five of the most high-calorie fruit (kcal / 100 g): banana - 89 grapes - 65 and figs - 49 Peach - 46 apple - 45. But the most dangerous for the waistline combination - sweet + fat.

What to do?

Prefer vegetables, fruit, eat in the morning.Fruits have essential nutrients, especially in the season!In no event it is impossible to give them up, it is better to forget about cakes, sweets and fatty desserts.The basic idea is this: eat what you want, but observe the measure, and give preference to fresh, seasonal ingredients.

transition to a less active lifestyle

cold autumn rain and early darkness make you more likely to sit in traffic, and not to pass a stop on foot.Free time many devote preparations for the winter, not a picnic.

What to do?

Yet spend more time outdoors, do not miss an opportunity to go on foot.Try to get out of the room and take a walk at lunchtime.You can start jogging.Get up with the sun and run!You can go on day trips on weekends, and most of all - to go on vacation.

begins velvet season, have a chance to swim in the warm sea, the leisure offer many outdoor activities.Even if the diving rafting is not for you, walking in the picturesque corners under the warm September sun - and fun and fitness.

Incidentally, the fitness can also be recorded.In the autumn of clubs actively recruit newcomers group, and you will not be ashamed of his inexperience.Gym, athletics arena, belly dancing, the choice is yours.The main thing that was interesting.


cold, the body gives the command to fill the energy spent to maintain the body temperature.There is a growing appetite.What a pleasure, froze, drink hot tea with fresh patty!Stop.To warm enough tea, and it is better not sugar and honey.

What to do?

Try not to freeze.Dress for the weather.Choosing clothes, think not only about beauty, but also on the microclimate of your apartment or workplace.

Try to move more at home and at work.Feeling that begins to freeze, get up, take a few energetic movements (ideally - industrial gymnastics), fast walk or run through the hall up and down the stairs.

House even easier.Freezes - do not rush to the kitchen to put the kettle on and make sandwiches.Dance under the energetic music, do a warm-up.Lunges, squats, bending, push-ups, anything.One condition: after a meal should take at least an hour.In the cold season is not too lazy to reheat food from the refrigerator, a plate of warm soup cold warm better salad with mayonnaise.

bad mood

leave the term "seasonal" or "winter depression" physicians.At the same time many depressing the coming winter, falls mood, activity and performance.To cheer up and cheer up, we lean on high carbohydrate foods and gaining weight.

What to do?

In principle, the entire article - the answer to this question.More vitamins, more traffic, more fresh air.This in itself raises mood, improves health, distract from the sad thoughts.Sit on a rigid diet is not necessary, fall, spring is not suitable for this.Just eat a balanced and rational.Go for a massage or arrange a "Spa at Home" - can be with a partner can be with his girlfriend.

And more than a pleasant time.Less prone to bad mood, those who have a lot and positively communicates with people.Do not avoid the society of pleasant person, you love yourself and your loved ones!

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