Massage technique for hand care

hand consists of a shoulder, forearm and hand.In the hands there are many reflex points, so brush massage positively affects the well-being of the whole person, regardless of age.In the course of the working day our hand experience strong muscle tension, which manifests itself in the evening pain in the neck or shoulder.Massage perfectly relieve stress and save you from discomfort.

especially tired hands of people working on the computer, they can even begin occupational disease, where the constant aching joints of the hands.They especially needed massage.

- To start thoroughly mash the tissue around the elbow.

- Grasp the wrist with the other hand, with the thumbs should be on top of the brush.Dilute fingers, stretching across the wrist motion, and then brought his fingers.Move the hand on the wrist thumbs on top, and the rest brought under palm.With your thumbs, massage the area from the top of the wrist.Movement of light, circular.

- Hand fully grasp the wrist.The thumb should be at the bottom,

while the other - on.Bend your arm and put it on a support so that it formed a right angle with the shoulder.Bend the wrist with his free hand and gently push it.Then pull the brush itself.

- still clutching his wrist with his right hand, left hand, gently bend the wrist back.

- Lower the arm and expand its palm up.Fingers in a circular motion massage the inner side of the wrist.Gradually go down to the base of the thumb and little finger.

- Massage the entire surface of the palm of your fingers in a circular motion.

- Turn the brush back-up and hold her wrist with the other hand.Grasp the palm of the free hand and your thumb on top and index finger from the bottom alternately grope all metacarpals palm and the space between them.Massage all the tendons on the back side of the brush.If necessary, work of one or the other hand turn.

- Hand continue to keep the wrist and the thumb and forefinger of the right hand little finger to grab the sides and soft stroke motion to delay it until the nail.Do the same on the front and rear surfaces.Alternately treat this way each finger.If you want to operate one or the other hand turn.

This massage after work, relieve tension muscles hand.After the procedure, lubricate hand moisturizer, it has a positive effect on the skin.

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