Folk omens in April by day.

Since ancient times, people paid attention to the place in the nature of the phenomenon, which could help them to predict whether this year's summer is hot and winter - freezing, some expect the harvest and whether there will be rivers fish and lakes - Poultry.For many centuries our ancestors collected folk omens for April, which can tell a lot about the upcoming summer and the coming of autumn.

What portends thunder, fog and rain?

bright sunny and warm weather day in April, promises a morning fog, especially if it is low, and spread along the water.The big cumulus clouds, hiding the horizon, predicting rain, that will go the next day.

hear the thunder in April?People sign says it should not be afraid: cloudy weather will not last long, the clouds will grant land large drops and quickly disappear.

What does the nature of the weather?

If the wind is blowing from the southwest, is preparing for a long bad weather, and if the north-east - the summer will have to wait longer than usual.A clear April night will freeze, but if the stars are hidden by clouds - will be warm.But if they are blue - a warm day would be spoiled by rain.Hot night for a couple of cold nights will be presented as soon as fine weather.

Cirrus clouds in the early morning of April - a strong cold snap, and at sunset - a windy night.

Birds and animals suggest

The behavior of different animals and birds were often folk superstitions.In April there are a lot of recommendations, depending on the behavior of animals.For example, a loud scream lapwing night in April, calls for clear weather, and if the wolves come out of the woods and attack the sheep and goats near the house - it's a long cold.Meet the white rabbit - an unexpected snowfall, red - to the warm summer.

wagtail saw in the yard?Soon the April floods.Weather lore for April is closely linked to the behavior of animals and birds.For example, the high flying cranes bring bad weather, and often dive down Falcons prompt, whether to wait for frost.If the birds arrive in the second half of April, so cold weather will not be.Singing Larks happy warm days the whole next week, but if they were silent - a sure sign of the approaching rain.

Chorus frogs praises sultry weather, which will soon be established.Cats go to the house at the corner, which is closer to tomorrow's warm wind, especially if they are drawn to his full height, and do not fold fur tangle.If dogs bark for no reason - will soon be a thunderstorm.In April, the popular signs of the animal can tell a lot, but no less interesting to listen to, talk about plants and trees.

Be able to hear the whisper of the leaves

Sometimes in April called "color" because in this month the first flowers begin to bloom.Another name - "berezozol" - April was because this month harvested birch sap, birch sometimes leaving deep grooves and notches.

Birches better to regret.They have much to tell: the kidneys produce later than normal - summer will be cold, leaves rustle closer to the night - expect thunder in April.People sign, however, shares the thunder and the storm, if rumbles, but lightning is not visible - it is to rain and lightning without thunder may not encourage bad weather.

good about the future crop of oats will tell aspen, wearing earrings, but when it starts to blossom, it is best not to waste time and to plant carrots and beets early.April night the trees cracking in the forest to warm and humid week.Exuberant grass grows - for hot summer days and the excellent harvest in the fall.

Forerunners Harvest

question of the future harvest, perhaps the most important of those who are devoted to folk omens for April.When people are engaged in the spring sowing and planting, it is vital to know whether you can count on a good harvest, or worth keeping stocks in the event that the nature of them fail.What will be the fall, can be found on different grounds.

When the whole of April rains in May, will give good harvest rye and oats, and in the summer in the woods you can gather a lot of mushrooms and nuts.

Yields Fall promise tadpoles bred in pools, and large clouds of mosquitoes in the swamps.The starry sky and warm nights in April - to a large number of vegetables and potatoes.Windy month, as they say, "it blows away the harvest," but more often than weather lore April still say that the harvest will be good: sunny days, warm nights and frequent rains in April, will bring a rich autumn.Great-grandfathers

give advice

Folk omens April days - the unique wisdom of our ancestors, which combines pagan outlook on the world and attention to the Christian holidays, including one of the most important - The Annunciation - is celebrated on 7 April.It is believed that on this day the winter finally leave until the following year, and full rights to enter spring.At the Annunciation can not get to work: it was said that it is possible because of the subject of a loved one at risk of being killed by lightning, and on this day, according to legends, even the birds do not build their nests.

If you look at the national calendar for April, signs it will help to understand what will be the summer and autumn.

Signs of calendar days

  • April 1, starless sky promises sunny and warm days, but in general the weather that day will coincide with the weather on October 1.
  • April 3 there were mosquitoes and beginning to bloom mother-and-stepmother - to the warm weather, and if still to this day does not come down the ice in the spring of good catches can not wait.
  • April 7 says for the next 7 days: warm night will bring a warm week, and cold day frost delay.
  • river were opened April 8 - the summer will be warm.
  • April 9 the birds sing in the clear weather, blooming bell - for the summer heat.
  • April 14 debacle - the heat for the next two or three weeks, and then cooling is possible.
  • April 15 began flooding - a fruitful autumn and early mowing.
  • April 21 afternoon sun to the sultry summer, bad weather day - rain all summer.
  • April 22 changeable weather drought, warm night - for cooling in May.
  • April 23 rain predicted dry summer, and if the clouds gathered, but the rain did not go - to the strong winds.
  • April 25 start to blossom willow - to a cold May.
  • April 26 need to look at the oak tree: if it has acorns - is to early autumn.
  • April 28 warm wind blowing - to the rain, and the sky at sunset - a good harvest.

Caution: April 1

On this day people play friends and acquaintances, and even sometimes the jokes do not always like those whom directed folk omens April explain what is the key to a happy future months.The fact that, according to popular belief, this day is waking up from hibernation houses that are sure to "confuse" that they do not disturb the hosts.

initially joked it over the household, "swept" the floor with a poker, broom and tried to get out of the oven pots, sandals worn backwards, did not go to the house for the owners on the heels of "stoked" oven stones.Sleepy brownies confusing and could not really play a prank, and sometimes resentment went to bed for a month, which ensured a calm April.Also, if some houses standing next to each other, the house would have thought that mischief neighborhood spirit, and went with him to swear, and he, in turn, was heading to sort things out for the first, which is also for some time made it possible to break from their pranks.

today houses remained only in individual homes, but the tradition has remained since April 1 should be doubly careful.However, maybe this is still the house hid a passport in the freezer?