IKEA catalog 2015 awakens love!

Every year in late August, IKEA has traditionally presents its new catalog.This year, his main theme was ... love!And it's not just about the love of home and love of home.How to make the atmosphere in the house helped to show feelings to loved ones?What change in the interior, so that the house was not just convenient and beautiful, but also the mother?How to fill it with warmth and affection?Answers to these and other questions can be found in the new catalog IKEA, which focuses on - the idea of ​​furnishing bedrooms.

All people live in different ways, and each has certain hours, in which he feels active and full of energy.Some people prefer to get up before dawn, and someone - on the contrary, feels better at night.It is believed that people are divided not only on the "larks" and "owls", but also on the "doves", iethose who get up until eight in the morning and goes to no later than twelve.But no matter how "birds" we ourselves any thought and how the biological clock may live, we need a comfortable rest and sound sleep.

Studies IKEA this year showed that 83% of Russian citizens believe the main bedroom a place for rest and recuperation.On how we are pleased to be at home as comfortable and decorated bedroom with the soul it depends not only our physical condition, but also our feelings and emotions.

Half of the respondents are dissatisfied with furniture in her bedroom.Most people want to change the interior as a whole (30%) and buy another bed (20%).At the same time 60% of people shows more affection to their loved ones after quality sleep.Both men and women are mentioned among the factors impeding the exercise tenderness, fatigue (71%) and contributing factors named in a good mood and well-being (63%). «At arrangement of bedrooms, most people first think of practicality, not comfort.We at IKEA want to help our customers not only to find solutions to improve the space, but also create an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness in the house.And the new catalog comes to the rescue.For harmony in life begins with harmony in the house, "- says Nicholas Jonsson (Nicolas Johnsson), head of marketing retail chain IKEA in Russia.

new IKEA catalog is dedicated to the bedrooms and how they help us to awaken a sense of home.Great place to sleep, easily turns into a romantic island - or in the battlefield ... Air pillows at night "just for you", where in the morning is a place for all ... General wardrobe, where everyone has their own territory.IKEA solutions to help fill the house of comfort and harmony, and turn the bedroom into a place where love is awakened.

29-31 August the new IKEA catalog awaken love in Gorky Park.

On the waterfront park will be built installation of IKEA.For visitors opened six thematic areas devoted to the bedroom.Here guests will appreciate the new ideas from the pages of the Catalogue 2015 and inspired design solutions for your bedroom.

The festival organizers promise to immerse visitors in an atmosphere of warmth, tenderness and love.For special emotional charge, guests will be invited to an interactive "rooms awakening of Love", where they will be a symbolic way of love, will be able to make the most important recognition and learn the hidden secrets of a loved one to express affection to their loved ones.

In addition, in the event all interested persons will have an opportunity to participate in the already traditional project "Become the face of the cover!" And photographed on the cover of the new IKEA catalog, to continue to get a personal catalog to the IKEA store.Campaign "Become the face of the cover!" Will be held from 28 August to 12 October and all MEGA shopping malls.Everyone will be able to take part in an online competition, "Be a key person on the cover!", Share your photos and glorified, and win prizes.

IKEA awakens love in you, that you gave it to others!

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