How to create a group in the "incentive" and edit it?

Computer games - this is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today.There are different genres and types of games, and all have their fans who prefer this or that project, as well as whole genres and series.Of course, to play - it's very nice and exciting, but much more interesting to chat with peers, discuss your game progress, strengths and weaknesses of the game and so on.And to do this it's best to "incentive", as there are for that there are a number of options.You can correspond personally with each of your friends can create a conference for a few people, you can communicate with a particular game fans in the community, dedicated to her, and you can also join thematic groups.Of course, you also need to know how to create a group in the "incentive" to unite like-minded people there.

function group creation

So, if you decided to deal with how to create a group in the "incentive", you will need to first go to your page.This can be done either through a regular Internet browser, or through a special browser platform, as it does not play.After this, you will need to select the tab "Groups", which will display all the communities in which you currently belong to.And on this page is just and will be a button that allows you to create your own group.She needs you and boldly press on it and go to the next step, which will require you to have a little more effort.But if you want to learn how to create a group in the "incentive", then you have to learn, otherwise you will not be able to succeed.

Group Information

Now you need to fill out all the information about your group, which requires you to "Steam".There are not so many fields, so the time this step you will take a little.First of all you need a name for your community - how to create a group in the "incentive" without a name?Naturally, this is impossible.Therefore, choose a name for the group, then you will need to use a special button that will check availability of this product, that is, whether there is already in the community with the same name.After that you need to come up with the abbreviation for your group, which will be used for brevity in communication between participants, and various notifications and announcements.And, of course, you will need to choose the address for your community.All groups have approximately the same address: also need to determine what will be written after this link.That's it, now you know how to add a group to "incentive", with only a couple of small issues to solve.

private or public?

To complete the group, you will need to choose whether it is public or private.If you choose the first option, then your group will be able to enter everything users registered in the "incentive".If you want privacy, you need a second option.Then the contents of your community will be able to view only the active participants, and join the group will be by invitation only.

Further editing

That's it - your group is established, but that does not mean that's the end.You still have much to learn, to learn how to delete a group in the "incentive" how to edit its contents, how to add a variety of events, to appoint administrators and so on.In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, and once you're comfortable with the functionality "Steam", you will be much easier to manage your group.And then a thematic chat about games or other events will be incredibly convenient and comfortable.