Social mortgage in Kazan.

Mortgage - kind of loan, under which a customer purchases a property and agrees to repay the specified period.In as collateral property is transferred to the bank as collateral.The buyer can also pledge other real estate.The terms of this type of lending in Russia is hard.Therefore, the Government together with the banks offers a certain category of citizens their maintenance program.More details about what the social mortgage in Kazan, the conditions of its reception, you will learn from this article.


Accommodation for social mortgage is given to vulnerable categories of citizens who are not able to buy an apartment at a commercial program.The main difference lies in the low cost of 1 sq.m of living space.Borrowers do not have the need to save money for years to buy an apartment.They can enter the housing immediately after processing the loan and register members of the family there.Another advantage is the additional guarantees, which are provided by the bank and the government.A credit institution will carefully examine all documents, fear of life and property of the borrowers, the interest rate for the service does not change until the end of the contract.

Social mortgage for state (Kazan) and on such conditions:

  • participants may be employees of state enterprises, as well as those that are part of its funding;
  • per person living in the apartment must be at least 18 square meters.m;
  • maximum loan term - 28 years;
  • loan granted at an interest rate of 7%;
  • is possible to get a loan without a down payment.

list of requirements dictate not only commercial banks but also the authorities.The former can impose restrictions on citizenship, residence and employment history, and so on. D. The requirements of the authorities concerned greater real estate and their location.

main disadvantage of mortgage is significant overpayment that may exceed 100% or more.It includes a bank commission for the service provision of the service, monthly insurance payments, and so on. D.


Social mortgage in Kazan available in the framework of the project "Salavat Cooper."On the residential complex in the Kirov region allocated 400 hectares, which will be built 1.4 million square meters.m of living space.There is already home to more than 50 000 people who can enjoy the well-developed infrastructure: 22 kindergartens, 7 schools and several clinics.Total in 2014 was commissioned 6,5 thousand. Apartments with a total area of ​​over 380 sq. M.m. The plan for 2015 - 5649 apartments area of ​​more than 345 sq. m.meters.

Under the federal program "Housing" provides the following services:

  • social mortgage for young families;
  • provision of land;
  • provision of housing professionals in rural areas;
  • performance of state obligations to ensure that certain categories of property of citizens.

Who is available mortgage?

question provide citizens with housing is acute in Kazan and Tatarstan.But in these regions, there are some nuances of service.According to the legislation, government support can benefit the people who need improvement of living conditions, are registered, as well as those working in organizations that have implemented cash infusion.In Kazan, there is another problem: the municipal land is almost fully utilized, the construction is carried out on the site of the demolition of homes or the industrial zone.


For residents of Kazan and Tatarstan are valid subspecies of the program "Social mortgage":

  • "apartments for young teachers."
  • "Mortgages for young families."
  • "Flats for young people."

consider each of these in more detail.

Apartment for teachers

to support beginning teachers who are younger than 35 years, it developed a special procedure for granting compensatory payments.Participants can receive a subsidy of around 10% of the value of property for the payment of an initial installment.These funds are available in the event that the employee worked at the office more than one year and is committed to work for 5 years in the same place.

Social mortgage for young families

Spouses who have not attained the age of 35 years are entitled to issue subsidy within 35% of the cost of housing, and the family where there is at least one child - 40%.Housing must comply with 18 square meters.m per family member.Maximum age of both spouses - 34 years.The family must be enrolled in the registry for housing and have on hand the amount exceeding the amount of subsidy that is provided as part of the program "Social mortgage".

where to apply for inclusion in the register of applications for a grant?The local executive authority.If the decision is positive, the participant is transferred to a special certificate, and she subsidy transferred to the account of the bank partner.

Mortgage for young

Fighters of student construction brigades, spent 150 shifts can arrange a mortgage for the cost of the apartment.This is three times cheaper than the market price.More information can be found on the website of the NGO "Russian student teams."

Social mortgage in Kazan at birth

To reduce the financial burden on the family, under the state program provides for payment by installments.It depends on the initial value of the home, the size of the accumulated contributions and the amount of the monthly income.Under the program, if there is a child in the family after processing the loan, it receives financial compensation in an amount equivalent to the value of 18 sq.m of housing purchased.However, this amount shall not exceed the unpaid portion of the debt.

How to get social mortgage

For registration loan must submit an application to the bank and a copy of such documents:

  • passport;
  • SNILS;
  • INN;
  • military ID;
  • child's birth certificate;
  • documents on education;
  • marriage certificate / divorce;
  • employment record (must assure the employer);
  • statement of earnings.

addition may be required:

  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Copies of passports of relatives.
  • pension certificate of parents.
  • Death certificates relatives.
  • documents confirming the presence of other property (villas, cars, land, securities, and so on. N.).
  • Movements on bank accounts in the past six months.
  • documents confirming a positive credit history: platezhek copies of the board of public services over the past 6-12 months;credit agreements.

together with copies at the time of need to provide the originals.

If future borrowers - business owner, it is necessary to provide the bank documents confirming the stability and dynamics.From SP require a certificate of registration, license to operate, the documents confirming the payment of contributions, account statements, copies of leases, and so on. D.

Non-residents who work in the territory of the Russian Federation shall provide a copy of the residence permit and work permit.

examined the documents, the bank makes a preliminary decision.If it is positive, then the client can proceed to the choice of a particular property.He must comply with the conditions of the program.After selecting the borrower must gather legal documents for the assessment of property.

further procedure

On the basis of the estimated amount of housing credit limit is formed.It is no more than 80-100% of this figure.Since the social mortgage in Kazan - the kind of long-term lending, the bank requires guarantees in the form of insurance against risks of loss of working capacity, property rights or property damage.Then, the client needs to sign a contract with the bank.With its form the borrower can get acquainted in advance at the stage of collecting the documents.In some cases, you must sign a contract of sale from which the mortgage follows the law.In addition, it is also necessary to issue a mortgage - a security that gives the lender the right to receive the performance of an obligation.Ends the process of registration of state registration documents.Here's how to get a social mortgage.


State in the framework of special programs allowing some categories of people to buy housing in credit.The loan is granted for 28 years at 7% per annum, provided that the person can pay an initial fee.To qualify, you need to register with the state administration of the district and to collect documents.