How narrow pores on your face at home?

considered particularly problematic oily skin requires careful maintenance and attention to preserve the attractive appearance.Holders of this type of skin are well aware of the expanded pores, causing a lot of inconvenience, and indicating the presence of those or other problems in the body.

If you are faced with a similar problem, do not hurry to get upset, because there are many effective ways to cope with the enlarged pores on the face and narrow them quickly and painlessly.

How narrow pores on your face at home? To Leather has always been a flourishing and attractive appearance, it is necessary to regularly perform a number of cosmetic procedures that can be done in a beauty salon or at home.

first stage of narrowing far - is the cleaning of the skin.Thanks scrubs and peeling, pores are cleaned of accumulated fat in them emitted by the body, and dust falling on the face during the day.

next stage - a special mask, allowing narrow pores and keep them in this state for a long time.The mask may include various components, it can be purchased in a specialty store, or it is made at home from natural products.

completes the procedure - is the use of tonics, which confirmed the effect of the mask will refresh and moisturize the skin for a long time preserving its radiant and eliminating shine from his face.Tonics as masks, can be prepared by hand.As a rule, act as a tonic herbal teas and infusions.

masks for oily skin to narrow pores on the face

Particularly noteworthy is a face mask that are cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and toning.To make a mask, do not need to have the skills and spend money on the purchase of expensive components.Make a face mask may be available at your fingertips products.Here are some recipes for the most effective and useful masks for oily skin, helps to narrow pores.

Herbal mask This mask allows you to quickly solve the problem of enlarged pores on the face and at the same time to saturate the skin with vitamins and nutrients contained in herbs.

To prepare the herbal mask, you will need rose hips, mint leaves and sage leaves.Mix a few rose hips with two teaspoons of mint leaves and the same amount of sage leaves.Pour boiling water over the mixture in an amount of 100 grams, warm broth in a water bath for 10 minutes, then strain.Wipe the face with broth and put on a blend of herbs.Above the mask, apply a towel and leave it on your face for 20-30 minutes.

Yeast mask

Fresh yeast is often part of masks for oily skin, as they have pulled together and nourishing properties.At the same time removing from the face shine.The small amount of yeast, add the yogurt in an amount to have turned pasty mixture.There also enter a teaspoon of juice of plantain leaves and a spoonful of berry juice.Apply the mask evenly on problem areas and leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse first with warm, then cold water.

Curd Mask substances that make up the cream, are very useful for oily skin.Thoroughly rub the fat cottage cheese and mix it with three tablespoons of yogurt or yogurt with no additives.You should get a creamy mass, which is applied to the face for 20 minutes.Rinse off the mask to cool water.

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