10-beauty tips from the famous beauties.

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We continue to give beauty-tips that have assembled the most beautiful and famous.Today queue Freida Pinto, Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani and others.

1. Tip from Ellen Pompeo: Cream forever

«For smoky makeup before apply moisturizer on forever, then shade shadow and pencil will be easier.If the lower eyelid crumbled a little shadow, simply apply powder, rinse necessarily that long. "

2. Advice from Isla Fisher: curl lashes

«To better curl lashes, first warm your eyelash curlers hairdryer.Hold for a few seconds under a hot jet dryer, and then apply to the lashes.Curling will last longer. "

3. Advice from Frieda Pinto: Angelic look

«For a natural makeup, apply petroleum jelly on forever, it will give your eyes an innocent, angelic appearance."

4. The Board of Halle Berry: Natural lips

«To lips look more natural, I put red lipstick, and then erase it and then attach the glitter glitter."

5. The Board of Gwen Stefani: Mix different shades

«I like to create your own lip color by mixing different shades.Always begins with a matte lipstick, then top nanoshu several layers of gloss or lipstick. "

6. The Council of Stellar makeup artist Fiona Stills: Eye Makeup for hot weather

«To the eyes do not" flowed ", you need the right products: base under the shadow of (special primer for the eyes), a gel liner and waterproof mascara.Primer keeps deposited shadow and liner in place, even on very hot days.If you are on top of the transparent lipstick cause lip balm, lipstick will stay much longer. "

7. The Board of Joy Bryant: Nail polish is not necessary

«I like a well-polished and treated nails.They look neat and elegant, and it's a great alternative to varnish, when there is no time. "

8. Tip Anna-Lynn McCord: Highlight your eyes

«To the eyes stand out, use eye concealer two shades lighter than your tone.You will never be tired of the form, and will attract the eye. "

9. Tip beautician Zoe Saldana Rancho Mirage: Do not forget the SPF

«If you have dark skin, like Zoe Saldana, you only have 15 SPF record in your products.If you have lighter skin, then be guided by the number 30. "

10. Advice from Jeanette Graf, cosmetologist Jennifer Aniston: Radiance Skin without special equipment

«achieve radiant skin possible without the Shimmer.Exfoliating once a week the skin using microdermabrasion, chemical peel or scrub with enzymes.Try retinol products at night and during the day, use of lotions and creams with SPF.Rose water, cucumber and tea bags easily removed the dark circles under the eyes and redness. "

Articles Source: mycharm.ru