development of international relations in the field of economics has made demand of Specialists.There is no state which would exist detached and could develop without connections with the economies of other countries.Foreign economic activity involves import and export of goods and services across the border.The whole process is controlled by the customs organization.
Customs represents the entire system of relations connected with the international.This is one of the most important elements that determine the foreign economic relations.The main body of this system is the custom.

But customs business - it is also a complex chain of relationships that also includes elements of domestic and foreign policy of the country.

Today, the profession is very popular customs.This is especially true of those who knows his job and seeks to raise the level of professionalism.Many educational institutions offer training in the direction of customs business.After the end of such an institution can work on several fronts.It can be an inspector of customs service, customs broker, manager to work with customs, customs carrier, customs clearance specialist or specialist of foreign economic activity.

Speciality customs business provides comprehensive training in the field of international relations and international relations.Here learn the general concepts and principles of customs activities in this area, methods for determining the country of manufacture of the goods and its cost.

One of the areas during the training on specialization "customs business" is the specifics of accounting of customs and other payments as well as cash collateral, which goes to the accounts of the customs authorities.

moving goods across borders requires some control.It is also the responsibility of the customs officers.They ensure compliance with transport regulations, prohibitions and restrictions that apply to certain groups of goods and services flowing across the border.In the event of unusual situations or detect offenses, the customs officer is required to stabilize the situation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Modern technologies can significantly ease the registration and other activities.Therefore, customs business and assumes knowledge of new developments.The specialist must be able to use information technologies and systems, hardware and software in their work.

customs officers should conduct analysis and statistics of foreign trade.Therefore, this area is given a special place in the learning process.In addition, the customs officer shall advise and counsel those who carry out the movement of goods and services across the border.
can say that this is a very interesting and exciting profession.There are career opportunities and improving qualifications.