Year of the Dog: characteristics of people born in the Year of the Dog

Most of the world lives on East Chinese calendar.As you know, there are 12 different animals - symbols of the year.Many people want to know what traits endows his year of birth, and that the fate in store for him as a person born in the Year of the Dog?Characteristics have each year, and everyone is their own.In this article we consider the personality traits of people born in the Year of the Dog.

When was the year of the Dog will be?

According to the chronology of the Eastern calendar, there is a 60-year cycle divided into 5 parts for 12 years.Each year is associated with one animal in the following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar.In addition, each year corresponds to a particular element: earth, water, fire, wood and metal, are divided by color as blue, red, yellow, white, black.

As has been said, it is 12 varieties of symbolic accessories, that is each of them repeated again after 12 years.Year of the Dog was, or just come in:

  • 1958;
  • 1970;
  • 1982;
  • 1994;
  • 2006;
  • 2018.

As you can see, a very basic calculation, and to determine, in the year of animal you were born, it is possible.

Born in the Year of the Dog: characteristic

East horoscope describes the dog as the most positive of all the characters, but it has not all perfect.Consider the pros and cons of those born in the year of the dog people.

Positive features

Dog generous, kind, concerned with the welfare of others.When someone needs help, people's choice becomes obvious - everyone will go to the dog for advice or support, since it was born in the year people feel good of others, empathy, and especially sorry for those whom someone unjustly offended.

In any injustice so acute that she touched them personally respond only born in the Year of the Dog.Characteristics of people this year, says that they can be fast friends.They always support in difficult times, do not remain indifferent to the suffering of others and to fulfill its promise.

People, the dogs are usually highly intellectual, honest and always say what they think.Straightness - their hallmark.If such a person is working on something, you can be sure that the work will be done to them on the highest level and on time.

Overall characteristic born in Year of the Dog people are quite positive, but there are dogs and negative character traits and behavior.

negative traits

people are born this year, psychologically old, but over the years younger.This is not just a set of words and the strange fact: the youngest of his life dogs take everything very seriously, behaving like the old grandmother complain about everything and everyone, but with age, cease to pay such attention to the imperfections of the world, people born in the Year of the Dog.Characteristics of the year makes them great dreamers and idealists.

It becomes clear why the character of a dog can be traced pessimism.Dog lowered his hands and lost his temper when decides it does not make a difference in her power.The pursuit of perfectionism in everything sometimes makes her life harder, she was worried not only about the present but also the future challenges that lie in wait not only her, but also relatives.For dogs is essential to get rid of any excessive anxiety about the future, to learn how to live in peace and enjoy.

Here's unusual in those born in the Year of the Dog characteristic.Woman of the year devoted to her family and her husband.Any betrayal of her wounds hurt and can even seriously undermine health.Being infinitely faithful to your partner, it is quite rightly have the right to demand the same from him in relation to himself.Female dogs need to cultivate self-control and ability to make compromises - it will save your nerves and strength for the future of new victories.

dog Compatibility with other characters, the

sustain rigorous bar Dogs will afford only tiger, horse and rabbit.Only such people will not deliver Dog frustration and disappointment, will help her come to terms with the outside world.

Believe it or not, the characteristic

Believe description of the characteristics of people, depending on the year of birth or not - it's everyone's business.Generally, astrology - interesting science (for someone and not science at all, but pseudo-scientific discipline or simply a heresy).However, read the description of his character was born to be a very exciting and interesting things that allows to broaden my horizons and get away from everyday life.

someone will find numerous similarities with the description of a person, and someone did not notice anything like that.Because ultimately, the year of birth of man - this is only a small fraction of what affects his outlook and character.On the identity of the person is affected too much are often not amenable to evaluation and analysis of the factors, so that only rely on the characteristic of a birth in the drafting of representations of themselves and others is needed.