Expert Tips: How to lose 5 kg in 10 seconds

Sometimes, in order to lose weight (at least visually), you do not torture yourself diets and severe debilitating workouts at the gym.It is enough to choose the right clothes and get used to keep the ideal posture.

For years, women with curvaceous held taboo on wearing dresses with horizontal lines.Donuts prefer vertical stripes, because it slimmer and pulls.However, researchers have shown that it is exactly the opposite.After several experiments, the researchers made sure that the hierarchy does not figure gracefully, moreover, it is only the "adds" weight.While a horizontal line, on the contrary, reduced visual parameters shapes including hated sprawling stomach and hip.

However, in order to disguise the hated kilograms, not necessarily fill the wardrobe with striped things.As practice shows, the simplest methods: straightened shoulders straight back and the abdomen drawn - works wonders."The stooped man bulging belly and loin muscles lax, but if you stop to slouch, abdomen, hips and waist will become more toned - told the therapist Sammy Margo.- In addition, due to poor posture a person suffers pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back. "

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«In hunched condition your body will never stay in balance because all ligament joints and tendons are stretched, stressed state."According to the therapist, in order to get in shape, you need no more than 10 seconds:

Straight back:
Stand up straight, leaning on the floor the entire foot in front of a large mirror.Situated directly opposite the wall, try to get as straight as possible.Here you go.This should be your natural posture while walking.So you not only get to 5 cm above, but also on a couple of kilos slimmer.

Straight shoulders:
If you sit all day long in front of a computer monitor, then 90% of the 100, you sit hunched over.However, if you sit or stand straight, your shoulder blades sink and become closer to each other.Shoulders must be spread, then you will look more elegant and your breasts will be more open, taut and seductive.Moreover, in this position will decrease pain in the shoulder and neck joints.

flat stomach
While standing straight, performed a simple exercise: pull your stomach muscles straining, as much as possible.Then relax them, but only half, so you can feel that your muscles are still working.Do this exercise for as long as you can, or until you get bored.Repeat this exercise, no matter where you are - it helps to get rid of flabby tum and reduce aches in the lower back.

Appetizing ass
Standing straight, tighten your buttock muscles as much as possible, and keep them under tension longer.Thus, even while standing on the escalator or in the queue for sausage, you can do an effective exercise of its sprawling priests.

unpretentious repeating these exercises every day, you can achieve very nice results and prepare the body for summer holiday after the winter "hibernation".By practicing such a "charge" for a long time, you can get rid of whining and pain in the neck, the back and the shoulders.

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