How to draw chanterelles: tips beginner painter

children - creative people who see the world very special: bright, colorful, mysterious, and therefore extremely interesting.Impressions received from outside, they are transferred to the paper pleasure.Therefore painting - one of the most beloved of their occupation and hobbies.Adult task - to help them in the first step, learn to understand exactly how to begin the process of drawing.

Learning form

This article discusses how to draw chanterelles beginner artist.From nature to transfer the image to paper is always difficult.It is important to find the features of the depicted object, notice the characteristic features: form, color, amount, size.How to draw chanterelles, where to start?Of course, should first a good idea of ​​how this mushroom looks like.It got its name for a special coloring, so reminiscent of the fox fur.The heights of the small forest dwellers, is currently on a round plump leg.How to draw chanterelles that was similar to the original?Pay attention should be on a hat she tubular, wavy shapes, edges slightly raised up.Painting her somewhat more intense than that of the legs.Now, after the identification of the main components, will look at how to draw chanterelles in practice.


First, pencil Draw the general shape of a mushroom.This foot-barrel and cap-beret.Second, give the leg a more accurate shape.A wavy edges make hats.As you can see, once it becomes like your self mushroom (chanterelle).Pencil drawing, try to do without a lot of pressure, because the extra lines and strokes then have to clean eraser.After them on paper should not remain traces.The next step - from the underside of the cap swipe lines corresponding to the tubular structure of the fungus.And the edges of her circle of clear thick line.

We are talking about how to draw step by step chanterelles.For the next step you need to start when the previous one is finished.Because notice carefully, if all you've done right.If yes - remove the extra line and the drawing itself using shadows give volume.At the end of shading highlight the bright and dark areas in the picture, add some leaves and grass in it.So your work will acquire perfection and will look livelier, more natural, more realistic.

Figure color

Ready sketch can be converted into a real picture.For this young artist paints require best watercolor.They fit well on the paper and let you experiment with color.We start again with the legs.At present she is white chanterelle, with a slight yellowish or grayish tint.That such a tone, apply on paper, this Wet the brush and slightly touching her tray with ocher paint.Wait until dry up, and, if necessary, repeat.You can add a little brown tint to give shade.Now

hat.Make her sandy-yellow, to mix a little orange color scheme.Groove edges, uneven shading brown.Do not forget the crease on the inside of the cap.This is an important detail of the picture, they can work out a pencil.Now the grass.For it, you will need different shades of green and brown, to highlight the growth seen through the ground.Yellow and reddish brown leaves near chanterelles complement the composition.