29 Characteristics of the lunar day.

you know that every day different?They are not only the name and number.They laid the opportunities and pitfalls, priorities and hidden traps.Let's look at some days.Find out what characteristics of 29 lunar day.We will not say that it is better or worse.He's different, special and unique.After reading the material, you will see for yourself, and understand how to use it properly.


begin with the totem.Symbol 29 lunar day - the octopus.This is a dangerous, insidious, unpredictable animal.It is clear that nothing good it does not bring in those days, who directs.Consequently, the characterization of 29 lunar day - not for the faint of heart.By reading it, you need to mentally prepare.While on the other hand, we are monthly, without knowing it, are living this period.Incidentally, it is worth remember picking up a lunar calendar, when you place the most dangerous incident.Rather, it was precisely described by day.Therefore, characteristic 29 lunar day is essential for everyone.After reading it, he can fully prepared to meet the likely challenges.And there is something to fear.If you calculate favorable lunar days, this safely skip.Did you have to pick up the time for bold and decisive, painted adventurism step.Then the twenty-ninth day of the moon is quite suitable.But more about that later.

The impact on the psyche of the day

most important thing in the described day - the tremendous pressure exerted by the queen of the night.Said characteristic 29 lunar day is that it is better not to do anything, not to decide not to find out, and so on.People in this period weakened.They rolled all previously overlooked or consciously rejected by temptation.This is bad in itself.However, this state attracts not happy situation.On the other hand, the tests begin to appear exactly in the period in question.Another day characterized by the increasing number of diseases.Chronicle feel it regularly.Some melancholy rooted in the soul of almost everyone, even very positive.She pushes a rash dangerous actions, it pulled into the abyss of black depression of the weakest.You understand characteristics of lunar days are not always so bleak.These days are the exception.They are considered to be the most dangerous and critical.

essence of the day

Experts call described karmic day.Some people are happy when it is possible to get rid of the accumulated sins not their work, but because of the circumstances, sent down from above.So individuals are likely to think that the favorable lunar days is not replaced by black.That is, these days they are seen as a gift of heaven.That's what experts recommend to treat the twenty-ninth lunar day.They bring retribution for the sins of the past month.Those who do not commit, do not notice the monthly "black band".If you get into trouble, mood falls below nowhere, then analyze the recent past.Somewhere you have sinned: in the actions or intentions.By the way, the same experts say that people who live in the rhythm of the moon, are less prone to adverse trends in this period.The darkness of the day can not touch them, to go unnoticed.The rest are in trouble.

What is recommended to do on this day?

This period is favorable for spiritual work.Surely you realize that, when I read about karma.It is advisable to abandon the activity, especially related to the adoption of important decisions.The probability of error is very high.It is better to read, commune with nature or to spend the day in prayer.Some people prefer to meditate, it is their right.Any work of the soul is welcomed in the day described.By the way, it highlights the positive negativity of the previous period.Characteristics of lunar days 29 and 28, quite the opposite.For positive and joyful light of the twenty-eighth day suddenly it is "failure" following.This transition is so energy intensive that can knock out of the normal state of any untrained person.It is necessary to take into account this fact, if you have to do something important.Financial operations, business meetings and love trying these days not to appoint.

Oh good

There are people who seek to calculate the lunar day, suitable for getting rid of the long-obsolete.It may be feelings or habits, things or views.A more appropriate day simply does not exist.It is recommended that the period strictly monitor their thoughts and emotions.This is done in order to identify the accumulated "garbage".From it should be bold and tough to get rid of.According to the recommendations of experts, should be to turn the negative into love.And techniques such work enough.For example, every negative thought interrupt the prayer.It is difficult, of course, so long vigilantly monitor itself.But the effect is much more than the work of any other period.Therefore, to calculate the lunar day to get rid of something optional.Check the calendar!Now you know exactly when to throw out old furniture or throw bad habits.

reverse side

Positive twenty-ninth day of readily converted to black film, is only weaken the control.Any quarrel started in this period, quickly turns into a huge scandal.The confrontation can take a long time if you do not understand the reasons for it, the prisoners in the karmic problems sides.It is advisable to avoid any aggressive actions, interrupt start squabbling, ignore the rude, do not go on about the intemperate opponents.Especially if their roles are the dear people.A showdown should be postponed to a more opportune time.Generally with loved ones should be especially careful and gentle.Let them feel your concern, oboprutsya a strong shoulder.It is necessary to any person, regardless of gender.Men sometimes also wants to be weak, capricious.We must forgive each other in this period.Believe me, it's worth it.

Lunar birthday

This period of darkness imposes its stamp on all of their children.Born in these days live a long time, but it's hard.Inside their souls are irreconcilable fight the dark and light sides of the personality.Those who have the lunar birthday falls on the twenty-ninth, should always focus on the positive, joy, happiness.It is necessary to make sometimes enormous efforts to keep from falling into a deep abyss of devilry.By the way, these individuals are often prone to magic, possess the relevant skills.They can develop only when brought under control by the eternal confrontation between good and evil.Otherwise, there is a chance to make some a lot of trouble to themselves and others.But retribution is sure to come.These people need to be firm in the pursuit of good, often to help the weak, mentally paying all their efforts on other people's problems, detracting from their own war.