Astrology hairstyles

Hairstyle particular zodiac sign is an excellent radar trapping desired broadcast space.Making haircut, suitable to our signs, we can increase their positive qualities and to bring good luck.

That hairstyle characteristic of zodiac sign.


Short sports haircut.This form gives the image of a dynamic hairstyles and rejuvenating effect."Ovnovskie" hairstyles contribute to the powerful transformation of the body, filling it with energy.Using hairstyles this sign, a man treats his brain, and stabilize its operations.Hairstyles Aries gives people the ability to punch their projects and plans to extricate himself from any conflicts of life itself without anyone's support.Promotes the accelerated pace of life, help to find his destiny.

Taurus .

best to attract the energy of this star sign hairstyle medium length hair.Style Taurus - is always free lying hair.But the real Teltsovskaya styling is achieved using advanced technology, where one strand is not tangled with each other.It is clear that excluded backcombed locks and styling products (varnish, gel, wax), breaking the perception of form as a natural, natural.Using the style of Taurus makes it easy to adjust the stomach and throat.Hairstyles of the mark stabilize financial position and well-being, make a lucky owner in real estate transactions.

Twins .

All manipulations with the hair, held with the help of chemistry, are influenced by the air power of Gemini.The invention of this sign - painted and chemically curled hair.It is best to spend the energy of this constellation ash (slightly in the blue), medium wavy hair (shoulder length) length.Gemini Hair harmonize the nervous system and the state of the upper respiratory tract, attracts the necessary resources in the field of communication, to prosper in school and travel.


This zodiac sign fits right quad.Hairstyles of the sign promotes good digestion with full use of it to work the body.The energy of this zodiacal constellation is related to the genetic memory of humanity.Therefore hairstyle Cancer normalize relations with the older generation, gives protection order.By the way, it helps to have a family, and your choice will certainly be approved by the parents.

Leo .

Naturally, the best conductor of the energies of this zodiac sign of Leo is a classic hairstyle - "lion's mane".This style is achieved by a special speed haircut.But in order to do her hair looked like a lion's mane and crumbled under the influence of the slightest breeze, you can add a little air, curling hair (unless they are twisted by nature).Leo controls the functioning of the heart.Hairstyles of the sign reveal creativity, make people more confident, kinder, more romantic.Add in the nature of cheerfulness, fun, but also make a lot "to take to heart."


This is one of the few signs of the zodiac, whose favorite pastime is masking its natural beauty for beauty artificial.The use of artificial hair wigs, hairpieces, lining creates good conditions for attracting broadcast space-energies, which will be a great helper when you need to cope with a lot of tedious and painstaking work.Hair Virgin gives success in learning, crafts and commerce.Moreover, they activate the gastrointestinal tract.


Style Libra - a classic symbol of elitism, lush, but strict hairstyle "for one day."Elegantly laid on the head of a woman's hair, create a sense of inaccessibility of some holders of such hairstyles.Men's hairstyle this zodiac sign emphasizes masculinity and severity of its wearer.Classic clothes and hairstyle allows a person to communicate only with the people who belong to his circle and did not hesitate to make the right decisions.This hairstyle helps to find a compromise solution and to establish peaceful relations with all people.In the area of ​​health hairstyle Libra governs the kidneys.

Scorpio .

Hairstyles of the sign of the zodiac style is uniquely "vamp", both male and female.Hair promoting a set of energy needed this water sign - straight and smooth.They can be cropped, which adds a water fire.This style will emphasize a special sexuality of the mark and provoke the opposite sex to get acquainted.The more singles, the better feels Scorpio.Hairstyles of the sign give support and protection of higher powers in emergencies increase sexuality of both sexes.In terms of improvement of control over the work of the sexual sphere.


By themselves, Sagittarians sufficiently conservative.They do not like rigor, both in behavior and in clothing and hairstyles, and at the same time avoid extravagance.Women's hairstyles Streltsovsky options type - a combination of short haircuts in the front with a long ponytail behind.The holder of hairstyles that mark will be successful in the social, political and religious activities.Sagittarius gives a person self-esteem and corrects the liver function.

Capricorn .

key positions for the formation of hairstyles that mark will reduce the cost of care for the hair to a minimum.The characteristic style of men's hairstyles, clearly capture the energy of vibration of this constellation - shaved head.Female version - hidden under the headgear (hat, scarf, bandanna) hair.This style is particularly suited to owners of long hair, who do not wish for the sake of career aspirations cut girlish beauty.Like other elements of the earth signs, Capricorn energy is well to be realized in the material sphere.It promotes professional career and find their place in life.This style controls the health of teeth and bone.

Aquarius .

It is the only sign of the zodiac around that does not have bindings to the form, length or hair color.The main feature here is the extravagance, but the popularity of hair.Aquarius slightly ahead of time and, recognizing the internal needs of the people, forms the ordinary course in fashion and hairstyles.Selection of hairstyles allow Aquarius to start new projects and build relationships with people.This sign monitors the health of blood vessels and harmonizes work arteries and veins.

Fish .This

Sign symbolizes world harmony.True hairstyles Pisces carry a huge cosmic meaning.It is any kind of spit where the intertwined strands of hair symbolize the fusion of the different forces of the universe into one.Hair Pisces helps find inner harmony and peace, provide protection of higher powers in all matters and projects.Fish govern metabolism and nervous system.The recreational purposes have powerful healing effects on the whole organism.

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