Good advice: what to do when there is nothing?

What to do, when to do nothing?This question comes from a person who is released from affairs, and he wanted something to do.If your mind does not come, we hope that these tips will help.

So, what to do when there is nothing to do?

  1. Firstly, you can read a book.So you replenish their stocks of knowledge and pass the time.If you unfortunately do not like reading, then this method is, of course, will not do.
  2. Second, you can do sports.How exactly - you choose.As they say, sports - is power.Through this lesson, you let us down a bit, or tighten your body.
  3. The third thing you can do about it, so it's dance.Turn your favorite collection and start from the soul shake a leg.Dance as if no one sees you.After such action on the soul will be happy.
  4. fourth lesson - go to the park.Just go, knead their bones, breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunny days.This walk will do you good.
  5. fifth - a hobby.If you're wondering what to do, when to do nothing, we will try to answer it more objectively.Do you like to draw?Get creative.
  6. What to do when there is nothing?Another way of what to do - to take care of our smaller brothers.Find the house bread crumbs or crumble bread and feed the birds outside.They will be immensely grateful to you, especially if the winter in the yard.
  7. What to do, when to do nothing?Sit in a comfortable chair, make yourself a hot chocolate, cocoa or coffee and think.Just reflect on what has been, and will be there.
  8. you have nothing to do?What to do, when to do nothing?Make cleaning throughout the house, sweep all the trash, wash the floors so that they shone.
  9. Another method - prepare a tasty dish.What - to decide, of course, you.
  10. good option - to go to bed.Sleep is useful for the body, so give him a few hours of this marvelous lesson.
  11. What to do when there is nothing in the head did not come?Call the person with whom you have not communicated for many months or even years to find out how he's doing, like life, that he had a new one.It is likely that it will be pleasing to the call.
  12. Another way to have a good time - it's funny to see a comedy or a tearful melodrama.Sit back and turn on the film, enjoying every minute of viewing.
  13. good way to pass the time - to start redecorating.Such an event takes a lot of time.So if you have not engaged them think, can already go.Start with the simplest - with wallpaper.
  14. You have a lot of spare time?Then zateyte large laundry.Start with the bed linen, curtains and bedspreads, and done the easiest - socks and stockings.
  15. You have nothing to do?Then talk with your family, tell them about how you value them how much you love them.Do not forget the most important thing - hug them tighter and kiss!

If you still have nothing to do, call a friend, they will come up to you for the soul, and perhaps even keep the company.Together always fun and interesting.Do not be sad and do not get bored!