"Moment Credit" - Guest alarming

Talking about "Moment Credit", the first thing I want to draw the attention of potential borrowers, this positioning of the institution.This is a microfinance company.Therefore, it is not subject to the stringent requirements imposed on banks by regulatory and supervisory bodies.

In the life of every human situation may arise when the money is needed urgently, immediately, here and now, and get to be earned only after a certain time.Naturally, in this case, we are looking for where to borrow money for this period: quickly go to the family, call your friends and acquaintances, contact the bank ... one way or another, you can get information about the services of "Moment Credit", which promises to quickly issueloan money to the desired time.Arguing is not necessary, the company's offer is obviously very tempting at first glance: in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and Volgograd, in 12 cities of Russia for the period from one to 24 weeks can be obtained in one day money just on the passport (and anotherof the available documents) without collateral and guarantors.With this you will know immediately the bag, which must be returned to the lender, and the timing refund.Everything is fine!

But ... As people are not stupid, bearing in mind that usually is found free lunch, take a count, how much will this cost loan.The minimum amount and the minimum term - is 3000 rubles per week.Return will have 3.4 thousand rubles.Grab a calculator, believe very roughly (3400-3000) / 3000 * 100, we get a little more than 13%, multiplied by 12 months ... Yes, it's 160% annual!There is already cooperation with "Moment Credit" can reflect ...

the time to ask what the "Moment Credit" reviews from those who have used the services of the company.Of course, this should make allowances for the fact that most people express their opinions, dissatisfied with something.A satisfied customer forgets sometimes even "thank you" to say.

Many people use the services of "Moment Credit" reviews have both positive and extremely negative.From those rescued quick loan at the right time, appreciative reviews.And other relations with the lender did not exist.They have a "Moment Credit" extremely negative reviews:

  • one customer financial advisor was only on the fifth day after the filling of the application;
  • hardly find another relationship between the departments of the company from the date of application until full repayment of the loan;
  • many expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of service, competent staff, delays in the issuance of credit ...

But the "Moment Credit" reviews are more or less regular customers, ie those who have used the loan more than once:

  • at firstthe violation of the payment deadline (who happens!) - calls the robot warnings from the office, endless SMS-messages, and this despite the fact that a person has done everything possible to prolong the term of payment;
  • information about the sale of debt collectors ...

Such reviews about "Moment Credit".What can I say!"Everyone chooses for themselves ..." - as the poet said.But with such a yield of loans the company had to be borrowers, the more constant wear on the hands and blow off dust particles.