Such a beautiful and harmful: What threatens the beauty?

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Despite the fact that the title of this article is quite suitable to describe many of the female, it will lead us today is not about our characters, and the clothes - yes, such a beautiful, but after all these bad things wardrobe.The famous phrase says that if something can not but feel like - it is possible.However, this is just not the case: items from the list below to eliminate the better of her wardrobe, and if something does not rise hand and throw, then at least do not wear these items of clothing on a daily basis - and only on special occasions.

Bra with push-up effect

Despite the fact that women with small breasts can see in the model with the effect of push-up your salvation, you can wear it only occasionally.For example, at the ceremony, and then, given that it is not necessary to leave the underwear on the body more than eight hours.Push-up even if it looks attractive, but puts pressure on his chest, holding her in an unnatural position, which leads to stagnation and even cancer.

Thong Panties

do not argue, even those panties and look tempting, but they bring with them a whole bunch of trouble.Movement helps narrow strip behind transference of bacteria from the anus to the vagina and urethra, which eventually easily lead to inflammation.Furthermore, the constant friction and the pressure in the anal area can cause hemorrhoids.

overly tight jeans, pants or shorts

Constant wearing overly tight clothing pelvic problems facing women with childbirth: the bacteria grow best in warm and humid environment, which provides a great "down" too "hipsters."The result - the possible appearance of vaginal candidiasis (thrush), or other yeast infections.If the jeans or pants, and too wrap around the entire foot, then the future is very likely have to meet with such a nuisance as varicose veins.

Short Skirt

is especially true for the cold season: easier to simply catch a cold "feminine" (and there are already at stake in the future of motherhood), and even get pyelonephritis, sciatica, cystitis ... The latter, incidentally, is even called "disease miniskirts!In addition, our body quickly and successfully accumulates in body fat is often freezing places, and where the fat - there is cellulite.So, choosing only small, you run the risk in the future to pay for it and the appearance of "orange peel".

Excessive heel

Women seem to fall in love high heels from the moment of its appearance in the locker room.History has preserved the anecdotes described in the literature of the XVII century: the ladies reached such absurd to wear such high heels and uncomfortable that they could not move independently on the street (and if they came out, only relying on the special walking sticks)!Today, sometimes watching the difficulties on bent legs young "fashionista" moves to 20-inch stilettos, too, would like to offer her a cane ...

But jokes aside, but it is not only in the aesthetics: the constant wearing very high heels not only creates traumaticsituation, but also leads to a deformation of the foot (big toe begins to deviate to the side and there is the so-called "bump" may develop flat feet) and the spine (scoliosis).

Some sunglasses

sunglasses task - to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.However, not all manufacturers have applied to the lens a special coating that filters out harmful rays, pay more attention to the design model.As a result, a woman wearing dark glasses, believing that her eyes are safe.And in fact, the situation creates even more dangerous!And because such an important accessory must be purchased in specialized stores, paying attention to the level of filtering ultraviolet rays.

Be beautiful and healthy!

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