China has banned to save a drowning man at the legislative level

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each passing day for the person associated with compliance with the law of the country in which he lives.

law: its role in society

Why invented laws?To control the different processes in society, even in those areas which at first glance seem quite ordinary: the payment for public transport, buy in the store, and so on. N. The law - a philosophical category, aimed at maintaining the life of society, is the linkall the processes occurring in it in order to maintain balance and harmony, as well as the proper order of things.The law is aimed at countering chaos and come to fulfill them.

banned in China to save a drowning man

Sometimes fantasy legislative sophistication and striking in its immensity so that is only shrug when meeting with ridiculous and strange laws of some countries.For example, China banned to save a drowning man.Sounds, of course, absurd and cruel.But it is true in China is really forbidden to save a drowning man.Why is that?This requires an understanding of the philosophy of a country like China.To save a drowning person is illegal, because the Chinese believe in fate, implacable and inflexible, with which you want to live in peace and harmony.

What does it mean for the fate of the Chinese

In China there is a saying: "In the first place - Fate, Luck took second place, while the third - Feng Shui" - briefly explains the degree of influence of factors on a person's life.For the fate of the Chinese people standing in the first place, it is a way of life defined by the Higher Forces, which is beyond human will.

Destiny - a combination of innate human qualities that have a significant impact on his personal development and the way of life that can not be changed any environment, no education, no education.Personal-space code of man, a kind of unique passport is his time of birth.

destiny of man - is the relationship of the individual with other people, the place it occupies in a complex society, arranged in conjunction with such important factors as luck and good fortune.The Chinese had even developed the only system of its kind that allows you to define and explain the fate of, or in any way interfering with it.That's why China is prohibited to save a drowning man, so as not to disrupt what is destined to him from above.

Of course, the Chinese people are a little bit strange, does not want to come to the rescue in difficult times.After all, if China is prohibited to save a drowning man, then it assumes stand still and look at this terrible process and possibly take pictures?Is the Chinese can be so inhuman to their compatriots?Apparently, no.

real case rescue a sinking Chinese

Not so long ago, in the summer of 2014 in the city of Qingdao, located on the coast of the Yellow Sea, the incident occurred on the water, almost blew the press.Young girl rescued from a sinking Chinese Murmansk.While vacationing with his girlfriend in the sea, the 33-year-old Yevgeny Konovalov (the name of the heroine), saw the man in the water need help.According savior, almost all the Chinese people do not know how to swim, and therefore are not at risk to go far into the water.They just walk along the beach, going to the sea to the ankle.One brave soul decided to swim a little further round the others, but could not resist it, and began to sink.Thanks to the courage of Eugenia, who did not know the laws prohibiting rescue drowning in this country, and another man was saved vacationer.Chinese media on all pages glorified brave woman, forgetting imposed when - the own taboo.As a thank Eugenia, has become almost a national hero, he was awarded a voucher for a unique exhibition of flowers and a variety of souvenirs.

Amazing Chinese laws

In China, there are a number of laws that seem unusual to us.Here are some of them:

  • student can attend classes at the college, provided that he is intelligent;
  • for chewing gum in class the student may be expelled from the educational institution;
  • if a man stepped on the foot, it is allowed to beat, however, with the use of special techniques of kung fu;
  • for child suicide parents pay a fee.Generally, suicides in this country are welcome.In an unsuccessful attempt to leave this world alone to nearby people are allowed to finish the suicide;
  • students with a family more than one child, ask additional questions on the exam;
  • Chinese men submitted Jackie Chan banned foreigners;
  • allowed to die in public places;
  • forbidden to have more than one child family.This law was invented to stop the population growth in the country.The penalty in this case is a fine of 20% of annual income.Over time, though there were breaks in the law under which the fine would not be subject to all the family, as it was before, but only those in which the mother younger than 28 years old and a second child was born earlier than four years after the first child.

It is true that in China forbidden to save a drowning man, just as it is true that in other countries there are quite eccentric laws, which nevertheless were designed and executed in connection with certain events.

not only China surprised own laws.

absurd laws of other countries

If China is prohibited to save a drowning man, the laws of other countries even more dazzling.


  • Whoever kills a cow in the state of Bihar (North India) to be hanged.
  • remove the cow dung will cut off your hands.


  • Prohibited wake of a polar bear with a view to sharing photos.
  • forbidden to drink moose beverages containing alcohol.


most original part of inventing laws of Americans, so that China's forbidden to save a drowning man's flowers in comparison with the laws of different states.

  • in Los Angeles is not allowed to lick frogs.Due to the adoption of such a law in the finding that the skin of some representatives of croaking creatures contain hallucinogenic substances, and this use from time to time, local drug addicts.
  • In Minnesota, you can not hang a rope on one male and female underwear;
  • All cats Kresskil State should be put on three bells to warn birds of their approach.
  • in West Virginia are allowed to take with them killed on the road in an accident animals and prepare them to dinner.This law was passed in order to save money on clearing roads.
  • In Illinois, the city of Zion, it is forbidden to treat lit cigars dogs, cats and other pets.