Body odor: Good and evil people smell differently

Probably not in the world a woman who would not like to smell nice, and reduce its aroma mad men.Some scientists argue that men and women often fall in love just because it is pleasant body odor is the man.This is another reason to wish that our smell was pleasant to be around.

During research found that all people smell differently.Some, like fairies exude the scent of roses, lilies, violets, and others even immediately after the shower is not the flower smell the freshness.

And if the person is a fan of perfume, then oblivshis perfume, deodorant smear, it can cause fainting and thick-skinned behemoth.

What's the matter?

official science could speak at length about the food, the process of exchange and much more.And, perhaps, in this much right as the food really affects what people smell.

Lovers of vegetables, fruits, herbs, body odor is usually easy and pleasant.Do not worsen the skin smell beans, nuts, dairy products, protein.

But the fatter and heavier meal, the heavier odor.A man who uses a large amount of fat, smoked, salted, and other high-calorie food too, a priori can not smell like an elf.

So everyone who wants to smell like violets and mildew have to give preference to plant foods, and cakes candy replace honey and dried fruits.

Distinguished sweet tea are dates.They improve the functioning of the brain, and do not give plump body and aroma improve.

Parapsychologists and magicians believe that the scent of the human body depends on the person's inner world, his feelings, emotions, how it relates to the external world and the people around.

If a person is set favorably, sees in others, above all, good, able to love, make friends, enjoy every day, then he smells better than fairies and elves.The fragrance is light and it is close to the flavor of plants.

If a person is full discontent, hatred, envy, and the smell of it, respectively, as has long unmade dump.

People are constantly whining, complaining of life, and other people have an unpleasant sour smell, reminiscent of sour milk.

Grumpy somehow smells pereparennym onions and flatterers and the arches exude the smell of rotting fruit.

Gossipers smell began to sour herring, about the same smell and vredina.

worst smell energy vampires - the blood, although the energy drink.

Anyway, from the people with whom you communicate depressing, better to stay away, not because of the smell alone.

All the same, who wants to have a pleasant aroma, psychologists advise to first change the mentality.If you do it on purpose, but after a while, and it will change the character.Disappear anger, envy, pride, contempt for others.A man stops to condemn others and to be rude to them.There will come a realization that we are all part of our common world and just have for their own benefit to keep the peace and love.

noticed in practice that good, sincere smiling people smell nice.

What else can be done to give the skin a pleasant smell?

Take a bath and wash decoctions and infusions of plants that are capable of transmitting the skin of their flavor.

person in the morning is recommended to wash the infusion of the petals of rose hips 1 tbsp.spoon petals pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for half an hour.Wash in the morning and evening.

armpits and legs in the morning and evening is best to wash with a solution of baking soda - 1 tbsp.spoon on 1 liter of water.

helps give the skin a pleasant aroma of oregano herb, leaf roses, mint, lemon balm, currant, birch.

1 handful of fresh leaves of any plant or 4 tbsp.spoons of sugar and 1 liter of dry boiling water, press 1 hour in a thermos, strain and pour into a bath filled with warm water and lie down, relax, 15.

minutes to achieve the effect of taking a bath every day or every other day for 1 month.After 1 month break and repeat the course.

well flavored skin baths with essential oils.In the bath no more than 5-7 drops of essential oil and stir well.

selected essential oil can be to your liking.I really like lavender, rosemary, jasmine sometimes.

For those who want to get rid of more and rashes on the skin suitable tea tree oil.

Bath with orange oil is uplifting.With ylang-ylang awakens sensuality.And with the rose oil instills confidence in the irresistibility.

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