Yoga - what's that in terms of health?

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all tend to think that yoga - it's sure something to do with exercise and religion of the Indians.In some part it is.Yoga - a rather broad concept that combines a lot of spiritual and physical practices that strengthen the human body and spirit and help achieve specific elevated state of consciousness.Whatever it was, but today yoga has become very popular among the entire population of the globe.

What is needed for yoga

To do this, not so much.Yoga - a practice in which the most important thing - it's endurance and self-improvement.

How to choose the right rug

a more "earthly" level to practice and practice necessarily need a yoga mat.For beginners in this case your first choice mat is not so simple step.Since this Indian doctrine rampant, traders began to strongly profit from this.High quality yoga mat costs about 100 - 150 dollars.For starters, you can not shell out the same amount, and buy a rug lower price category.

Pad - an important part of such practices as yoga.Reviews of mate choice for beginners say that the most important parameter - the length.It should not be less than 185 centimeters (it is better to take 20 centimeters longer than the length of its body).The width is not so important parameter when choosing a rug for employment.The main thing is that it does not have the width of the body.The thickness of the mat depends on personal preferences and needs.On a thick rug warmer to do, but it is difficult to perform exercises that require a state of equilibrium and balance.

Yoga - what's that in terms of health

She recently became popular for large masses of people, and many of its practitioners have already appeared results.Increasingly began to appear information about how to treat yoga.Regular exercise restore and strengthen the entire body.It is not only medical practice: gaining momentum yoga for weight loss where they teach how to live, to bring his body in order.Yoga brings a lot to the people practicing it.

physical benefits

a lot of stress and the following diseases are caused by the failure or malfunction of the endocrine system.Yoga (practice) normalizes the activity of all glands of the human body, which helps to improve their physical and mental condition.

Asanas for yoga - a physical exercise.They help a person cope with stress, pain and certain diseases.There are many asanas that do not require a specific physical training.Gymnastics yoga leads all muscle tone, improves the physical condition of the body, increases self-confidence.The person should be entirely well-developed.That this is the essence of yoga.By strengthening our body, we are building a temple for the mind.All a man needs to develop harmoniously.The physical benefits of yoga - the harmonious development.

Psychic benefits

Harmony and balance - important factors for a normal life.Thanks to some asanas can achieve spiritual balance and temper their minds, cause the body to completely obey him.These exercises are taught to focus (in this case over your body).Endure and overcome the pain, both physical and spiritual - one of the main problems for yoga.Reviews practitioners argue that through asanas enlightened mind, and life is beginning to play a more bright colors.This is a consequence of complete relaxation of body and spirit, and getting rid of constant stress.Man becomes more cheerful and energetic.

yoga has a positive effect on mental health, which makes it simply indispensable in modern life.

What makes yoga

During yoga human mind must always control your body, you need to learn how to breathe correctly.Develop the habit of breathing correctly and deeply endowed man with renewed vigor and energy.Immediately after school gets easier and freer - is the result of muscle relaxation and blood oxygen saturation.Yoga enlighten the mind and free it from the anxiety and negative thoughts.

first ups and downs

For those new to yoga are very important first steps and results.First ups - it's always good.Some people are nervous because of the fact that they did not all work.His failure in yoga should be seen easily.It teaches that a person must be fully developed.And who said that I was going to be easy?Only after passing a long way to overcome his mistakes and difficulties, you can achieve success in yoga.

Body - best adviser

Yoga - a unique thing, which helps reunite the mind and body and make them uniform.If there is discomfort in the classroom, in most cases, it is said that a person makes any mistake.Learn to listen to your body, the inner voice - an important step in yoga.If intuition suggests that it is best to do a headstand, then people are not yet ready for it mentally.Yoga helps to learn to listen to your body, it is simply irreplaceable in everyday life.


minded is very important at least in the first step to find a group of the same people concerned to be practicing yoga.Joint sessions give a lot of confidence, feel the support of others.There will also be an opportunity to learn from others' mistakes.If there is no opportunity to engage with other people, you can ask someone to deal with a family member or your best friend.

Morning Yoga - a success for the whole day

For most people each morning - a living hell.Sleepy need to have breakfast, freshen up, come to work.Ever since childhood, said that the need to train ourselves every day to do exercises.Yoga - something better than a charging, it awakens the entire body and gives a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

Morning yoga is to help the body recover after a dream of his flexibility and restore circulation.Since muscles after sleep yet, "wooden", and bad joints bend or crackle, for increased security is necessary to perform the exercises slowly and calmly with even breathing.Ten minutes spent time in the morning ensures wakefulness, a couple of asanas provide it.

Yoga philosophy

desire for development, cognition of something new - all this gives to yoga.Learning this skill will be difficult, but still possible.Through yoga you can practice self-development: to improve and strengthen your body - the temple of the spirit, to cultivate good qualities and get rid of stress.Asanas help to focus on a problem, they purify the mind from other thoughts, and it helps to find the right solution.

Yoga in Daily Life

relationship with people - one of the important factors of social life.Yoga strengthens the mind and makes a person balanced.This helps to establish relations in social life, to move to a new level of organization relationships, find contact with anyone and resolve all disputes with a clear mind.

Easy yoga

huge plus yoga - its simplicity.In order to achieve results is not necessary to wear down his body.Yoga - a dose of relaxation, which is important for the body and soul of man.The essence of yoga is to simply walk away from the surrounding turmoil for a while and see the world around him, to feel his harmony.Self-knowledge

help finding itself - one of the main tasks of yoga.Self-knowledge yoga, or svadhyaya, something like a self-development, for developing, we discover new facets, learn a lot, looking for something that was hidden inside.

for common development and a better understanding of the well-known practice is worth reading "Yoga Sutras", which is considered to be the author of Patanjali.It is an ancient text, detailed instructions and a description of Raja Yoga."Bhagavad Gita" (a Sanskrit word meaning "Divine Song") - one of the oldest philosophical books of the world.A lot of famous writers deepened in the text to find it themselves and answers to many of the eternal questions.

What is Hatha Yoga and its role in medicine

Hatha yoga - the most popular destination that helps the spirit to rule over the body to establish a solid bridge between the physical body and mind.

right approach to practice and mastering Hatha Yoga gives man an unprecedented health and able to live a very long time.Asanas open a new source of energy hidden earlier.Guru argue that the correct technique of asanas allows a person to open a supernatural possibilities.

main aim of hatha yoga - to improve your body and turn it into a temple worthy.Improving your body helps to grow spiritually.

Yoga believe that in every man laid kundalini (cosmic energy).By proper performance of asanas can achieve the awakening of kundalini, a side effect of which is Siddhi - those supernatural powers.

The word consists of two parts - "ha" (which ohnachaet sun) and "tha" (moon).Two opposites mean two life beginning - life and death, good and evil.Many people know this protivopostovlenie under the names of "yin" and "yang".

For ordinary people hatha yoga is important as an effective way to maintain the vitality of your body, maintain muscle tone at all.Hatha works wonders and gives man good health and a strong spirit.

Asanas in Yoga Asanas

are the main elements of hatha yoga.This type is mainly aimed at the development of the physical body, and his reunion with the soul.Physical exercise helps to cope with many illnesses, improve blood circulation and open internal energy.

Adho Mukha Shvanasana

This long asana in Sanskrit means "muzzle the dog down."It is not an easy exercise must master all yoga beginners.

to perform asanas to start to lie on your stomach, relax and spread his legs 30 centimeters.Hands should be at chest level, fingers wide apart.The next step is the most difficult - to pull the body up so that your back and knees were smooth, and the foot deployed in strontium head, remained on the ground.The head should also touch the ground.Body weight should be uniformly transferred to all the three reference points.

Regular performance of this exercise is a good prevention of flat feet, discomfort in the back and waist.It kneads and stretches the body, which is a good prevention of joint diseases such as arthritis.The blood rushes to the brain, delivering oxygen to every cell of it.Staying in asana should be no more than one minute.During the exercise, a person must control your breathing.The output should be to take a deep breath and get down on the floor.Then we need to give your muscles a rest.

Everything has the opposite direction, and this asana has its contraindications.People with high blood pressure and any diseases of the joints of the wrist is not recommended to carry out this exercise.Also, do not perform Adho Mukha Shvanasana headaches, stomach and intestinal disorders, as well as during pregnancy.

Ardha Navasana

Too difficult asana that requires great concentration.In Sanskrit it means "half of the posture of the boat."Indeed, this posture resembles a boat.

to perform asanas need to sit down on a hard surface, and pull the leg forward so that they are raised above the ground.Legs must be straight and not bent at the knees.Hands best twist together and put on his head.The elbows should be placed to the side.Proper execution of the exercises require to fingertips and remained on the top line.Breathing during execution should be smooth and quiet.The duration for beginners - no more than 20-30 seconds for the more experienced - about one minute.

Navasana Ardha will help to restore the activity of the abdominal cavity, and it has beneficial effects on the spine and abdominal muscles and back.It stimulates the correct functioning of the liver and spleen.

perform contraindicated for pregnant women, as well as those who have seen pain or back.Not recommended for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.


This asana requires a certain concentration.As this exercise requires balance, to carry out its stands on a firm and level surface.In Sanskrit bakasana means "pose a crane."Perform it is necessary for the treatment of various gynecological diseases, and problems with the urinary system.

Technique requires certain skills.From the outset, it is necessary to squat, bend and place your hands shoulder width apart.The fingers apart for greater stability.The next step - to move your weight on your hands and try to get off the ground.Proper technique of asanas requires maximum compactness feet.The lower extremities must be raised as high as possible to the body.The feet should be touching each other.Body relative to the floor should be parallel.

Stay asana takes about 30 seconds, but can be more.It is contraindicated only for those who have joint problems, and pregnant women.This exercise strengthens the whole belt of the upper extremities, helps you quickly find a balance and bring yourself into balance.Through exercise, improves blood circulation in the genital area, which is beneficial system of sexual and urinary organs.