Characters born March 10

March 10 the Sun is in Pisces, and born on this day call themselves Pisces.Symbol sign - two fish swimming in opposite directions.Such is the nature of these people: they inexplicably gets light and dark, night and day.Representatives of this sign are often extreme: some saints, other criminals.For example, on March 10 - the birthday of the world famous founder of the Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden.According to most people, it is - the embodiment of evil.And here is another representative of this sign, born on this day - the Russian Tsar Alexander III, who said the famous phrase: "Every man with a heart can not desire war, but every ruler to whom God entrusted to the people, must take all measures to avoid the horrorwar. "The contrast is obvious.

Careers born March 10

professional advancement and realization of Pisces ruled by Jupiter - astronomers call it "great benefactor".Jupiter - the planet of growth and expansion, prosperity and good luck, and increase profits.At the same time, Jupiter - the planet of the spiritual, and therefore the wealth to Pisces comes when they find themselves.

greatest success in his career reach those members of the sign, which retain the generosity and know how to be grateful, respected spiritual teacher and parents.These Fish Jupiter favors and opens all the doors in front of them.Most representatives of this sign are famous and are known, many of them are actors of film and theater, including those born March 10: Pisces, for example, Vladimir Gostyukhin and Sharon Stone.

Jupiter rules not only a career, but also the personality of the March birthday, so the fish can not imagine themselves without work.Outwardly calm and phlegmatic, they are intelligent and mandatory workers abide by the terms and with respect to the related manual.These qualities make them essential in its place, and the bosses are literally praying for them.

Finance Fish

revenues to Pisces usually come from a spouse or business partner.Own money easily earned and spent as easily.Compassionate Pisces can give all their earnings to help or donate to homeless shelter animals.However, poverty is not threatened Pisces: almost all his life accompanies them if not a luxury, the wealth and comfort.They work for wages usually do not, and to serve the world and bring benefit to others.

Love and marriage born March 10

Pisces can not live without love relationships managed by the Moon - changeable and emotional night queen.Fish amorous, sensitive and mysterious.They tend to love the whole world, their love is a shade of maternal care and custody.But this does not mean that they are childish: Fish can be very sexy and attractive when in love, while remaining self-conscious and shy.This charming cocktail making them popular with the opposite sex, with up to old age.

Fish are very loyal to their chosen: for them it is a matter of honor and conscience.At the same time among the women of this sign is a lot of girls of easy virtue, and men - Alfonso and retainers.So expressed the duality of fish: some fly to the seventh sky, while others strive to go down to the bottom of a deep ravine.

If the fish decided to get married, then the game turned on Mercury - the planet of intellect and rationality that governs their family home.That is why fish often marry and are given in marriage of convenience.However, calculations often turns into a deep and loyal mutual feelings.Divorces in fish are rare, but if they still have to come up to the Calvary, then they suffer deeply and blamed only himself.However, alone they do not stay for a long time - there will always be willing to tie a charming and sensual Rybka ties of Hymen.

fish health

Despite the apparent fragility and pallor, fish health fails.They live by the principle: "Slow and steady wins - on going" and spend their strength sparingly.The state of health can bring them only in the event of overload, moral or physical.Fish hardy and patient, can not long ignore the chronic pain, and then suddenly fall.

to always maintain the vigor and peace of mind, the fish need to observe the regime of the day, to lead a measured way of life.It should limit yourself to food, as they are likely to be overweight and all accompanying ailments - pressure, cardiovascular problems and swelling.

Fish protects if a guardian angel.When they listen to your intuition, you can get the necessary information about their health and treat themselves.In general, when the fish are happy and quiet for the family, they feel great.

March 10 - calendar Druids

Of course, the two fish may not be exactly the same - there are many other typologies of characters.One of them is the horoscope of druids, where the human character is compared to one of the trees.

One period ends March 10.Photos patron saint of the day - willow - is presented below.

At first glance, these people as their totem, fragile and vulnerable, but it is only an appearance: in fact, Willow able to stand up for themselves and make their lives the most dignified manner.

Willow artistic, sensitive and romantic, are able to achieve the desired result, with them all good.They love life and its pleasures, will not miss the opportunity to get their own.Alluring and mysterious, they are much like the astrological description of Pisces.

Flower horoscope for March 10

Another interesting perspective on those born on this day - flower horoscope.Day operates poppy - a notable bright flower, the fruits of which are edible and delicious.

These are the people of this sign: creative, bright, popular.They captivate and enchant, but the consequences can be unpredictable, because poppies - the flower of sleep, he lulls and envelops, depriving will.So fish - they are drawn into a whirlpool, a depth, and euthanized calm.

typology of the set, but those who want to learn about it myself, better to turn to a professional astrologer for compiling the personal natal chart.