Fertilizing tomatoes in the greenhouse, when and how to fertilize?

In some Russian regions, the most optimal conditions for growing tomatoes are hothouse.There they grow better and delight a great harvest.However, it is very time-consuming activity, as if time did not take appropriate action, this culture is more often affected diseases.

Generally, heat the vegetables in greenhouse conditions is usually enough, so the focus needs fertilizing tomatoes in the greenhouse.

sometimes grow good tomatoes, but not a long bloom.They are just hard to develop stepchildren.In this case, this will help in the greenhouse tomato dressing like phosphorus and potassium.In some cases, bad influences and wood ashes at the rate of half a cup per bush.

Most fertilizing tomatoes in the greenhouse is necessary in the period of flowering and fruit formation.There are cases when an abundance of fruit on the bushes, but they do not mature.

to accelerate the process of browning, many have resorted to such a procedure, as a foliar tomato.For this purpose superphosphate.The composition is prepared as follows: Forty grams of the substance (or about two matchboxes) dissolved in one liter of hot water, leave at night and then diluted with nine liters of water.Many are interested in the question of how to recognize what is missing tomatoes and how to help them.

I must say that sometimes the question difficult to answer even the experts.If a large bush, it leaves a lot of dark green, it means that in a greenhouse tomato dressing was made with fresh manure and water it has more manure is not necessary.

And sometimes vice versa: bush grows poorly, it pale leaves.In this case, you need to use nitrogen fertilizers - urea, ammonium nitrate, and the best in the complex.

often seedlings, or on the trunk appears purple.This is due to lack of phosphorus.Although it is usually in the ground there, but for some reason, it is poorly absorbed.If the phosphorus in the soil too much, the leaves on the bushes begin to turn yellow or curl.This means that the next feeding of tomatoes in a greenhouse should not contain this element.

general cultivation of vegetables in greenhouse conditions presupposes the existence of a specific calendar, which indicates the period of the work, including the introduction of fertilizers

First fertilizing tomatoes in the greenhouse is carried out on the eighth day after planting.The shrubs are watered at the root of the solution Mullein rate of one part of the fertilizer per ten parts of water.Consumption of the solution is calculated from the ratio of one liter per hive.Podkornevoy irrigation requires caution so as not to erode the soil.

Next feeding need only have twenty days.In addition to the solution of mullein used in farm stores selling biodyne "Ovary".

Many experienced growers say that the second feeding tomatoes in greenhouses, in addition mullein, should contain potassium and magnesium sulfates, and boric acid.
During the beginning of the process of mass ovaries tomatoes are sprayed with a solution of water and milk, boric acid, iodine and soda ash.