Movies worth seeing in 2015

this week appeared Movie Trailers, which are waiting for, and which will soon come to the big screen.As we will see?Marion Cotillard is transformed into power-hungry vermin and vain, Tom Cruise was almost sinking, Everest shows your hard temper and Margot Robbie finds himself in a post-apocalyptic love triangle.

first trailer for the historical picture of the drama of Shakespeare "Macbeth" , and he's really dark and disturbing as the plot requires.Michael Fassbender plays a nobleman, to get unjust way - by killing King Duncan - Scottish throne.Macbeth, like his wife, played by Cotillard, is a constant struggle with your soul, trying to justify the prophecy of a perfect crime.That mental confusion, which can not pass the visual tools, helps to convey to the audience the music.The soundtrack, written in Gothic style called Lunacy .

second trailer - is oversaturated video of tricks of the franchise "Mission Impossible" .By the way, there's a scene in the trailer, in which Tom Cruise could really die: he had to hold his breath under water for 6 minutes while he was trying to open the locked door.Other episodes show special agent Ethan Hunt in more familiar tricks, when he goes for days on motorcycles and packs killing bad guys.

most famous mountain in the world just looks amazing in the first trailer for "Everest" .This film tells the story of a group of climbers caught in a deadly accident that happened in real life in 1996.The film received an excellent star cast - Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and many others.The release is scheduled for September, which means that the film will qualify in the future of the high film awards in 2015.

pro nicknamed Plague invaded the outskirts of Mexico drug cartels.This theme is the focus of a documentary "The number one goal" , which removes group of brave men, followed with a video camera for the special forces soldiers, designed to eradicate the manufacturers and distributors of drugs and their clandestine laboratories and workshops.The number one goal of director Kathryn Bigelow - show all that creates an additional level of tension, which she so well knows how to transmit the frame.

Do we need better ways of crazy to see the end of the world?In the picture "Z - Zechariah means" Margot Robbie, Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor find themselves involved in a post-apocalyptic love triangle that threatens to turn into a killer.It is, in fact, a war for the last woman on earth.

Photo source: Movie Previews