How to install a bath with his hands

Currently, the store offers a bath for every taste, they can be made of expensive or cheaper materials.Usually, the quality of materials is not as important as the appearance and size of a bathtub.However, even in the case of buying the most beautiful and comfortable, you may receive the important question of how to install the bath.The situation is complicated, if a person does not trust the experts, and wants to do everything on their own, and then everyone pursues some of his well-defined purpose.

Bath is available in every apartment, while it is usually characterized by very attractive design.Before you install the bath should define the material from which it must be made, and at the moment it is considered to be the most relevant steel, plastics and cast iron.Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.For example, iron is very good quality, they have over the years do not lose their attractive appearance, but their main drawback is that they are generally self-install is not possible because of the enormous weight.Steel structure is much easier to install, but the degree of strength they have is similar to iron.However, a low insulation bathroom, and when she dialed the water, it makes a lot of noise.Acrylic products have all the pluses and minuses of the two previous species, but in this case the cost too high.

You can now go to the question of how to install a bath?Most often they are mounted on the legs, and here it is important to make a small slope, allowing water to be produced naturally.Otherwise it will remain in the water that will need to merge some means.At the bottom of the release set that fits with siphon and be sure to set the outside overflow pipe.The imported models suitable siphon usually comes with a bathtub.If we talk about how to install the bath, then there should be noted that first you need to put it to one side, and then mount the floor siphon and overflow.Further, it is advisable to place your feet in the right places, which you can install the bath, however, need to set so that the outlet was in the pipe that leads to the drain.You can then insert into the pipes exiting bends.

bath is better to move as close as possible to the wall, and then do a bias towards the issue.Adjusting the slope may be performed by plates of steel, wood or plastic, to be installed under the feet bath.Then you can close the joint and siphon sewer requires a small gap between the bathtub and the wall should be to cover through thick cement.When it dries, these sites need to cover up with oil paint.If you are interested in installing a hot tub, the situation is absolutely the same.If the apartment is used mixer performing their duties for the bath and sink, the floor boards should be done at least 8 centimeters that does not allow water to spill out during the switch.If the affected installation corner bath, then here it is important to note that its installation is not much different from a normal installation.It should only ensure that the angle at which it is installed, it is completely consistent.

So, now you know how to install a bath, it remains only to buckle down and do it.