As bar code check for authenticity

Almost every day we are faced with the procedure barcode reader, making purchases in the store.It is this attribute is a key element of identification products and provides information about them in a sufficient amount to make the purchase.

So, with the help of a reader of bar code you can find information about the country and the specific manufacturer of the product, its distinctive features (code, color, size, name, etc.), As well as to determine the authenticity indicated on the label information, comparing it to thefindings.All of this allows the customer applied to the transport packaging or barcode.Check it for the authenticity of the goods easy enough.In this article we look at how this can be done, as well as analyze in detail what constitutes the code as it is read and why it is useful to know the decryption.

Barcode: what it is and what kind of data contains

This code is a kind of trademark, which allows it to identify the product by reading a special electronic device.Barcode is an image in the form of stripes and numbers, which is applied to the packaging of products and contains detailed information about her.To get it, you must decrypt the corresponding characters.Typically, they are thirteen or eight (in the most common embodiments of our country).

Barcode of 13 digits called the EAN-13 and refers to the European Article Numbering Association.In some cases, a code consisting of 8 digits, EAN-8.It is applied to the packaging of small dimensions.There are also systems for coding and settlement of payments, which are also compatible with the EAN.

What kind of information carries a bar code?Check on it can be encrypted in figures and data about the bands:

  • country in which the bank is code data;
  • Country of origin of the goods;
  • product;
  • control number (more on that below).

How to do it?Let's see.

reveals the secrets of barcode

coding alphanumeric characters carried out by means of light and dark stripes of varying width, alternating with each other, - bars and spaces.The unit is approved by the width of the stroke unit - 0.33 mm (the narrowest bar or space).Seven modules, grouped in two strokes and two spaces, one digit encode barcode.The width of each of them can vary from one to a maximum of three modules.For example: the number "4" would look like a sequence of the form "1011100".Likewise, each character is represented by a code.What do these numbers mean?

  1. first digit (two or three) contain information about the country of origin of the goods.In some countries it is a combination of several options of numbers (because of the large scale) that make up a bar code.Check them out for a State in the special manuals or on the numerous online resources.For Russia, it is from 460 to 469, China - 690, UK - 50, Germany - from 400 to 440, and so on. D.
  2. following figures (five) point to a specific company to produce goods.This code is assigned to the national authority of the country to which the organization belongs.
  3. following (also five) - digit commodity code that defines them, or enterprise-manufacturer or seller in the form of the registration number of the organization.What could be hidden in these figures?Check the barcode on goods can data such as name, size, mass, color, grade and other specific information.
  4. last digit of the code - the control number.It is necessary for the reading scanner of the information contained in the bar code.This figure is calculated using a special algorithm, which will be discussed further.

Check digit Barcode: how to define

Check the bar code on the authenticity of the latter may be specified in such figure.How to do it?It is necessary to make calculations according to the following algorithm:

  1. each digit, except the last, is set from 1 to 12 in order.
  2. figures are on even ground (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 th), the terms and the resulting value is multiplied by 3.
  3. term numbers are located on odd places (1, 3, 5, 79, and 11-I).
  4. results of the second and third paragraphs also composed.It gets the number of two or three digits.
  5. totals have left only the last digit.It is subtracted from the ten.

The resulting difference will be the check digit, the final bar code.Check the validity of the algorithm, you can own, taking the numbers on any existing code you have at hand commodity.

bars and spaces

information are not only the numbers but also touches the gaps, as well as their width and the combination with each other.The size of a standard code, the EAN-13 is 31.35 mm.At the same time around the bar code should be free space, which increases its nominal width to 37.29 mm.There is also an indication of the beginning and end of the scan - on the edges of the elongated strip code.In the very same bands encrypted numbers reflected on the bar code of goods.About how they are encoded, as outlined above.

Check Barcode: how and why

Everyone wants to buy genuine goods, not good (or bad) disguised fakes.It is not always possible to determine in appearance, it is the original or a copy.Very often these problems occur when buying clothing brands.In this situation, you can check the bar code of the country of manufacture and to obtain information about the true origin of the goods.For these purposes, there are special online services.Enter the appropriate numbers in the data window, you will learn where and by whom products are made with specific bar code.Often on the label / label flaunts the inscription "Made in France" or "Made in USA", but in fact the thing is common Chinese consumer goods.

However, inconsistency of information may be due to other causes:

  • goods made to subsidiaries located in another country;
  • goods produced in one country but under license from another state;
  • founders of the company are companies registered in different States;
  • company received code in the country, which is aimed exports.

In these cases it is necessary to learn more about the manufacturer and the peculiarities of his work.By the way, not so long ago there were special applications for smartphones, allowing to verify the barcode products in the store to get the full information about them unaided.

Barcodes mail

This feature is no longer a novelty for most people, from time to time ordering anything on the Internet.Today it is possible to check the parcel barcode and determine its location, when it was still on the way.This code (which is assigned to all items) is also a postal identifier used to track mail.It is introduced in special resources (Russian Post online or other "thematic" services) and provides information on the basic postal items passed and the status of "treatment" (formed, routed, delivered) administration, its weight, type and so on.

The barcode chip, there are some differences.They also consist of 13 digits (in Russia - 14), but the values ​​of the other:

  • first 6 digits - the index of the recipient;
  • 7, 8th figures - a month of departure;
  • 9-13-I figures - the number of parcels;
  • 14th - the reference value.

Thus, knowing the barcode, you can check whether it is your premise, as well as learn about it when it is in the way.


image that is applied to all packaging to be produced and the sale of goods is called a bar code.Check with the help of it you can about the product itself, its manufacturer and country of origin, and to identify the authenticity of the information specified on the label / packaging.Moreover, special bar codes mail used for identification and tracking during delivery.This attribute is an important element of the automated identification of goods worldwide.