Chakras for Beginners.

Esoteric - practical science that deals with the study and development of their own "I", which is a material body bioenergy to guide a thin shell of self-consciousness.This is the way to ensure that understand and accept yourself for who you are, the door to the world of unlimited possibilities and immense tranquility.

Modern systems are based on the esoteric knowledge of the existence of six thin bodies.Three of them can be known, and the rest is almost weightless and inaccessible.Some ancient Oriental culture and beliefs distinguish seventh shell that periodically challenged by other systems.

Determination chakras for beginners can be summarized as follows.This kind of energy center of developing that may achieve spiritual perfection and balance.

7 "I," or subtle bodies in esoteric

believed that people - the Logos - is the embodiment of different energies which are locked in a thought-form of the flesh of the great Creator.A common sight to see them impossible.Yoga allows you to open the "third eye" and using chakra, know yourself.

Thin body linked to specific functions of the body, but can not be described as something tangible.They do not have a specific form, the structure, but each energy shell is painted in a different color, which, however, may vary according to the different circumstances of life.

etheric body is most vulnerable, as the matter envelops the presence of weak and vulnerable places attracts larva, which are created by man under stress and cause various forms of diseases of the body.Hence began the belief in the materialization of negative thoughts.Do not think about the bad, contemplate beauty.

What are chakras?

the East they say that yoga is not only aimed at the realization of its strength, but also to humility personal capacity.The balance is unattainable, but it is possible to dive and feel its existence.Chakra does not allow to find safety, but helps us to understand that it is real.Swim in the sensations, emotions merge with - this is the task of the esoteric system.

only seven chakras.Each of them has a name and is responsible for the activities of the various organs and systems in the material body, but does not duplicate them, forms the knowledge of the needs and desires.This energetic plexus - nodes, by acting on that you can control physical and spiritual health.

development of the chakras for beginners can be carried out using various literature, which is written unimaginable number, or by contacting the esoteric centers.However, we must understand that the neglect of basic principles, namely, humility, peace, patience, often leads to irreparable consequences in the integrity of energy bodies.Home


All that we feel are aware of what to strive for, is the definition of human chakra.For starters, the opening of esoteric spiritual world does not take place from the first minute.It is important to find harmony in his soul, pacify the anger and excitement.Only then you can begin to improve their "I".

widespread popularity was esoteric writer David Pond."Chakras for Beginners" - his book is a practical guide to the discovery and development of energy units - supervisors of all human life.

Rainbow soul

Aura consisting of thin bodies, has a wonderful feature, confirming the inextricable link between people and nature.In an innocent human light it looks like a bubble that the sun iridescent.The more correct is working with the chakras for beginners, the cleaner will range aura.Man gets control of the body, while remaining subservient to the Creator.

Each chakra corresponds to the color of the energy shell and is located in three dimensions: the physical body, the etheric and astral shells.

Red - Muldahara - the most tangible of all.It located in the lower part of the sacrum near the genitals.Chakra of the Earth provides a desire for self-preservation and the transfer of genetic material for procreation.Responsible for the health of the pelvis, intestines cancer.

ORANGE - svadhishthana - unlike the first, it involves opening the desire for pleasure.Responsible for the health of the genitourinary system, the hip.

Yellow - Manipur - is the desire of self-control, the impact on people.Ethics and discipline, confidence and performance.

chakras (for beginners it is especially important) experiment should be very careful not to damage the thin shell.This can lead to the destruction of ether.

Green - Anahata - a drink of love and life, sensuality controls.Logically responsible for the cardiac system.

Blue - Vishuddha - reveals talent, using the creative potential inherent in every human being.Regulates the authorities in the neck.

Blue - Ajna - the highest channel to communicate with the supernatural.The anatomical location - between the eyebrows, "third eye".

Violet chakra out of reach for beginners.They come only when the knowledge of the first six perfectly.

Meditation music

work on opening their own energy centers should be carried out in a calm atmosphere, comfortable and relaxed position with purified thoughts.Additionally, the music used for the chakras.

Beginners better advise simple mantra meditation.Lyrics are repeated cyclically many times.Mantras have to listen to them propevaya "myself" and then aloud.Each text is calculated for a certain number of repetitions is usually repeated 11, 21, 31 times.

This contemplation is available?

Assistance in opening the chakras for beginners can have a more experienced person who is not just felt peace and joy, whose imagination is beyond the scope of possible during meditation.Mantras and relaxed postures practiced in yoga that can help to immerse themselves in the consciousness.

Esoteric argue that working with the chakras can be of any age and religion.Anyone who is interested not only matter, but also the energy essence.Through the chakras with time it can develop psychic abilities.