1998 who sign?

In the eastern horoscope there are 12 animal signs, which meets every year.If you ask, 1998 - one year on a horoscope, it's Tiger.According to ancient Chinese mythology the image of the Tiger is a kind of talisman against evil magical forces.So often gravestones graves decorated stone statues of tigers.Its image could also be present on the doorposts of the houses.Superstition instilled fear in people.Because of this, they tried to avoid him even as a statue.

1998 - Year of the Tiger

Anyone interested to know the answer to the question of 1998 - one year.Animal stronger and more powerful it is difficult to imagine, and it is superior in strength of the king of animals - lion.And now imagine a person whom he patronized.

The issue of 1998 - one year on a horoscope, no mysteries, and the answer is quite clear.Of course, this Tiger - a very brave person, endowed with firm and stubborn character who can not lead a quiet and measured life.It is always raging storm of passion.Tiger does not like to take risks and not stop at nothing.And here it would have to be very careful.Still, Tiger does not direct the aggressor, but more accustomed to ambush beast.In it, he will be long and sit quietly until it is the desired Case hunt.And the main thing - do not miss, because, for example, a healthy bull in the two accounts can be put on the horns of a tiger.It was here this arrogance, impulsiveness and a taste for risk are the main enemies of the Tiger.

1998 - one year horoscope

However, he does not aspire to peace.After all, we must not forget that this predator.Wondering about 1998 - one year on a horoscope, it becomes clear this is the year of the Tiger, and every time he comes to the end of the 12-letego cycle.People of this sign are very sensitive, intelligent and reasonable, but are often irritable and even violent.Because of these factors, at a certain moment it can take a rash decision that could thwart his plans.

main traits of the Tiger

Whatever it was, the Tigers - a born leader who can succeed in any field.Going into detail on the issue of 1998 - one year on a horoscope, we say that Tiger who patronizes this year, just loves being in the spotlight, likes to impress others.At the same time he tries to bring to bear all his pleasant manners, charm and remarkable appeal.

Tiger - a good innovator, he was witty, his mind a lot of different ideas, and so it is always full of energy and optimism to bring them to life.However, since it can quickly cool.

Tiger for the team can be dangerous because it can rebel against the boss.He is proud and arrogant, and often shows disrespect for elders, but what is surprising is that with all this willingly accept it in society.

Tigers - aesthetes and lovers of beauty and purity.They are quite selfish in little things, but can be completely disinterested in the affairs of a global scale, so they make excellent ideological leaders and revolutionaries, for that they are willing to sacrifice even their lives.

But be that as it may, the Tigers if they wanted to risk lucky in life, and this is certainly due to their more optimistic and subtle intuition.Plus, they always believe that good will conquer evil.

born under the sign of the Tiger such famous figures as Ivan the Terrible, Dmitry Donskoy, Elizabeth II, Alexander II, Yuri Andropov, Karl Marx, Ludwig van Beethoven, Georg Hegel, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo DiCaprio and others.