Differences Sunnis and Shiites: how strong they are and what are?

Recently, Islam in a row from the second world religion has become a real ideology.His influence is so strong that many people consider it one of the most important policies.However, this religion is quite heterogeneous, and often between her supporters there are serious conflicts.It would therefore be useful to understand what the differences Sunnis and Shiites, the two main branches of Islam.Their names are often mentioned in the news, and at the same time, most of us have only a vague idea about the data flows.


Proponents of this trend in Islam got its name from the fact that the main thing for tries is "Sunnah" - a set of principles and rules based on the deeds and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.This source explains the complexities of the Koran is a kind of complement to it.This is the key difference between Sunnis and Shiites.Note that this is the direction in Islam is dominant.In some cases following the "Sunnah" becomes fanatical, extreme forms.As an example, the Afghan Taliban, which focuses on not only the type of clothing, but also the length of beards for men.

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This direction of Islam allows free interpretation of the teachings of the prophet.However, the right to not have it all, but only your favorites.Differences Sunnis and Shiites comprise even the fact that the latter are considered more radical, their religious processes inherent in a certain drama.This branch of Islam is the second largest and the value of its supporters and the name means "followers."But the differences Sunnis and Shiites do not stop.The latter is often referred to as "the party of Ali."This is due to the fact that after the prophet died, the Arab Caliphate, a dispute arose as to whom to hand over power.According to Shia caliph was to be Ali bin Abi - a disciple of Muhammad and his next of kin.The split occurred almost immediately after the death of the Prophet.Then the war broke out, during which 661, Ali was killed.Later, his sons, Hussein and Hassan, were also killed.Thus the death of the first one, which occurred in the year 680, until now seen by Shiites as a historical tragedy of all Muslims.In memory of this event is still a day of Ashura supporters of this movement carried the emotional funeral procession, during which the participants in the process beat their swords and chains.

What else are the differences Sunnis and Shiites

Party Ali believes that the power of the caliphate should be returned to the imams - as they call the direct descendants of Ali.Since Shiites believe that the supreme power is inherently divine, they reject the possibility of the election.According to their views, the imams - a kind of intermediary between God and man.In contrast, the Sunnis believe that worship should be directly to Allah, and therefore the concept with the mediators is alien to them.However, no matter how different each other Sunnis and Shiites, the difference between these currents during the Hajj forgotten.Pilgrimage to Mecca - is the most important event that brings together all Muslims, regardless of what they may have differences in faith.