Grown rich on the crisis

Commenting on these or other events related to the global crisis, the media write mainly about the colossal losses of corporations and companies, banks and funds, billions of dollars of losses oligarchs.
But there are people who have significantly increased their capital for the "reporting period".
about them British newspaper The Times.Even the rating was.

1. Andrew Lehdi , manager of the California hedge fund.

Made of 888 (!!!) per cent of profits, when his company Lahde Capital led the game against American assets in real estate and mortgages.
In September 2008, he made a fortune so that closed the fund and resigned.

2. John Paulson , hedge fund manager from New York.
earn about $ 2 billion. To play against securities on the property market.

3. The company McDonald's .
all starting to save, and instead go to restaurants fast food establishments.
eateries have "McDonald's" in this year compared to last month the army of visitors increased by 2 million. People.
The company intends to create an additional 4,000 jobs.

4. Karl Marx .
in a news release show bookshops in Berlin, where Germans merely disperse rigorous economic writings of his compatriot.
demand for the works of Marx, particularly in the "Capital", has jumped by 300%, and the home of the founder of communism in Trier pulled strings pilgrims.
Jorn Shyutrumpf, head of the Berlin publishing house Dietz, representing Marx explains the phenomenon has arisen: "We have a new generation of readers, shaken by the financial crisis and forced to admit that neoliberalism turned false dream."

5. Jamie Dimon , executive director of JP Morgan Chase.
JP Morgan Chase, which has deposits of more than $ 900 billion. Dollars, is the largest savings bank in America.Staff have received bonuses of $ 1.15 billion.

the crisis are not only a big problem, but also a great opportunity.

According to the richest man in the world by the magazine The Forbes Warren Buffett, today the best strategy is to buy shares of US companies.
He believes that in the future the securities of large US companies to regain lost ground, so now they are buying the most profitable.
Buffett remarked that "the bad news - the best friend of the investor, asthey allow you to buy a cheap part of the future United States. "

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