Shaolin Monks: who are they really?

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Who are the monks of the Shaolin Temple?It would seem that the answer is obvious - it is the people who live in a monastery under the name "Shaolin".But when a person is given such a question, he wants to get a slightly different answer.He was more interested in the miracles that show tourists the monks.Shaolin - truly one of the Tibetan monasteries, located in central China.But of all the mansions once it became legendary.In many, if not all, the monastery owes its fame to its "residents".About them folded legends Europeans retell stories of miracles, who willingly show the monks.Shaolin - is not just a place on the map.This nominal word.But what is the secret of the famous brothers?After all, they themselves do not see anything strange in what they do.For them it is not a miracle, it's - the foam on the waves exercises.Yes, many come just for this beautiful foam.But such people are usually very long just sweep floors.And yet, in order to lift the veil of secrecy over the little secret of the monks, let's look at their schedule.

Day attendant monk begins at five in the morning with meditation.At this time, the most difficult course for beginners.They not only have to contend with numbness of the body, and sleepiness.If someone suddenly dozed off during the morning meditation, brethren wakes him very harshly - someone has Sonia on her shoulders with a stick.The poor have to thank everyone for their concern and worship.Next is a morning exercise and hygienic measures.And all this is happening in the yard, whatever the weather.The monks believe that the harsh conditions contribute to hardening.Then - the spiritual saturation.Brother goes into a common room, where the abbot reads the semblance of lectures on Buddhism, speaks about enlightenment.Monks also assort different situations and treat them with the position of the Buddha's teachings.Of course, this is not the life situations, and the myths and stories about the life Sitharthi.

Training Shaolin monks goes like this: the older brothers was repeated five learning styles, while the beginners just learning them.What is the direction?First of all, the style of the Dragon.It mimics the smooth and rapid movements of this mythical animal.Besides fighting technique in the style of Dragon allows you to attack in five different directions.There agility more important than brute force, so build muscle mass is given a little time.Next is the style of the Tiger.As the name implies, it mimics the movement of a strong and a beast.It also aims to strengthen the bones.So here are just develop the muscles receiving a lot of attention.Leopard style has not gone beyond Shaolin, so know about him relatively little.But this animal is less than the tiger, even in the animal world.Therefore, these studies are usually designed to strengthen tendons and ligaments.The monks of Shaolin practice is also the style of the Snake.As the name implies, it also mimics the smooth dangerous movements by ligaments, which ends abruptly attacking elements, like the bite of a reptile.Fifth style - the style of the Eagle.It develops coordination and agility.It is also interesting that the monks of Shaolin photos do give to everyone.Tourists are surprised by this, because for them all the tricks are very similar to a miracle.But for the monks it - the foam on the waves of the doctrine, even if someone comes to the monastery, and only her.