Spiritual activities - is an integral part of human life

All of us always something to do: walk, read, work, buy, sleep, eat, breathe.The set of all human actions can be combined in one word - work.But how different our affairs!Someone sawing wood, and someone confesses in church, someone invents a car, and someone learns the art.Some actions are necessary to our body, and without it can not be satisfied with our soul.

What is spiritual activity of man?

concept of spiritual activity has come to us from the philosophy.It is found in the theology which interprets it in much the same.Religious activity - an activity that is necessary for the spiritual life of man.Reading books, creating paintings and poems, the formation of the religious (or atheistic!) Attitudes, awareness of the value system and raise confidence and other positive (as, indeed, and negative) qualities, the exchange of views that goes beyond frank way of life - all of itit refers to the spiritual activity.

spiritual activity - it is also a process of searching for the meaning of life, a way out of difficult situations, definition and understanding of philosophical categories, such as happiness and love.

Unlike physical activity that exists for the sake of the world changes (construction of new buildings, conducting medical experiments and even the invention of a new salad), spiritual activities aimed at changing individual and social consciousness.Even intellectual activity, as a form of spiritual activities, work on the ultimate goal, in fact, about something meditating, a person comes to new conclusions, he changes his mind about what or whom ever becomes qualitatively better or worse.

Problems of definition

Some sources equate such concepts as "spiritual life" and "spiritual activities."This is not entirely correct, because the word "life" is so comprehensive that only includes "activities", but is not limited to one.

Do all people in the world is inherent in spiritual activities?This is a controversial issue because, no matter how many interpretations of the term we may have read, understand it everyone will be on his own.Those who believe that spiritual activity must necessarily be creative, you have to have some obvious for all results, can say a categorical "no."In their view, a person, anything other than getting the money are not interested in reading books is not, the eternal, and does not reflect even the slightest self-improvement is not seeking a spiritual activity is not engaged.But this is certainly the skeptics argue, those who look at this concept more widely.They say that even marginal and crazy maniacs and the most brutal killers even as it takes, without realizing it, a spiritual activity - they at least think, build mind some images, set goals, even if erroneous, and seek toachieve them.There will be those who will claim that even the animals in one way or another carry spiritual activity, even a kitten, hitting a new home, study it, discovering and knowing the world ...

Does it make sense to break a lance,I am trying to find a compromise in the definition of spiritual values?Probably not.After all, any philosophical concept that is what philosophy that implies a space for discourse, polar opinions of individual understandings and evaluations.Therefore in determining for themselves the term can be satisfied with one of the classic explanations given in training and encyclopedic literature.For example: intellectual activity - an activity of consciousness as a result of which there are thoughts, images, feelings and ideas, some of which subsequently finds its material embodiment, as part of the intangible and remains, that does not mean non-existent ...