Buddhism - the ancient teachings of the East.

In recent decades, the population of the planet is visibly growing interest in Buddhism.Whether because this religion involves the most measured and mirosozertsatelny rhythm of life that in our everyday bustle is very, very valuable.Whether because of all the exotic (and Buddhism, anyway, still exotic) intrigues and attracts.

Quite often we are told alluring phrases like "Buddhist monk recommends", "advice of the Dalai Lama", etc.Many people carried such messages.And thereby probretayut znaiya spiritual, but on the contrary, more annoying and sow hatred.Who was a Buddhist monk, and he gives you advice?

Buddhist monk, as the name implies - is a person who professes Buddhism and became a monk under the fault - Code left by the Buddha people.The basic principle, or rather, the goal of a Buddhist monk - the knowledge of the Dhamma (the so-called path and teachings of the Buddha).However, in addition to studying the universe of higher Buddhist monk is also educational mission - to bring knowledge to the laity.He - their teacher, and often the only judge in the land, capable of fairly and according to the laws of their religion to solve the disputes and conflicts of their fellow citizens.

This monk for a living and lives off charity that serves the church believers.You can become a monk at an early age (around seven years), but all in its fold men with Buddhism takes 20 years.At this age, the novice may vow, FOMC will carry throughout their lives.

As the reader, all novices have a shaved head.This tradition has a deep sense of the sacred - the rejection of the pettiness of life and all unnecessary.On the other hand, the hair constantly require care.And no hair - no problem.

smaller personal items from the monk, the closer it is to the sky.Although no details are indispensable.Novices are allowed to have a flashlight, razors, needles and thread, watches and writing instruments (pens, pencils).Also, pastors are vegetarians and for all abandoned the love of women.They are forbidden not only to have an intimate relationship with the opposite sex, but even razgovarit and think about it.Moreover, all monks should avoid contact with the ladies, in order not to fall into the clutches of temptation.

Buddhist monk on the Web: to believe or not?

So is it worth to us, Internet users and followers of various social networks to take for granted all that lies behind the alluring title "Tips Buddhist monk?"

It goes without saying that to give advice - it is calling on the Buddhist monks.But, of course, they do so not in the World Wide Web.Whatever leaps and bounds over the planet was no progress, not all his benefits received strict followers of Buddhism.Anyway, computers, and other realities of modern civilization, Buddhist monks, in principle, do not rely.What else can be said, even if the clothes of Buddhist monks is striking in its poverty?And there is nothing you can do about it - those are the rules.Buddhist monk living on alms, the most removed from the temptations of wealth and worldly life, sacrificing it in strict observance of vows (he has neither more nor less than 227!) And meditation.By the way, the purpose of meditation practice is unusual and beautiful throat singing Buddhist monks.It is also, according to the pupils of special schools for future lamas (as they exist in Russia), is used to read a certain type of prayer.It is certain, because in Buddhist monasteries even prayers can be of three different kinds.

In general, Buddhist monk seriously engaged in the service of their God and very far from conducting all sorts of blogs and writing messages on the web.And because all allegedly signed by him, in fact, is nothing more than a translation, free paraphrase, or even just in their own way interpret someone principles of Eastern philosophy (of course, this does not apply to specific sites devoted to Buddhism).Take something for yourself nobody forbids: east, indeed, it is not only thin, but also wise.But overestimate the canonical teachings such is not worth it.