The constellations of the zodiac signs.

bright stars in the sky form a specific shape.Such clusters are called constellations.People always look to the stars for a long time, trying to solve the mystery of cosmic origin.I wish to find constellations among those which had once read or heard.Twelve of the celestial figures - a constellation of the zodiac signs.Each of them is a legend telling of his discovery, and explains its name.What is it - the signs of the zodiac?

signs of the zodiac constellations in the sky

Zodiac - a certain zone of the sky through which the planets move, Moon and Sun, passing on its way 12 constellations.Since they are located in the zodiacal field, they got their name - the constellations of the zodiac.Each of them in ancient astrology designated or accompanied by a symbol, which is called the zodiac sign.Here's a simple story, as there were signs of the zodiac constellations.

How many of them just

sun per year bypasses a large circle of the celestial sphere.This circle (called the Zodiac, only 360 degrees) is divided into 12 sectors of 30 degrees, received its name from the name of constellations that the sun passes in its path.

each month corresponds to the sign of the zodiac under which this month in the sun makes its move.Once upon a time the constellation of the zodiac signs were people calendar, because in each of them the Sun traveled for about a month.But as the vernal equinox is constantly moving (70 years 1 °), the Sun today in one month is moved not one, but two adjacent constellations, but the notation that existed before for months, survived.In the constellation Virgo sun moves very long time - 44 days, and the constellation of Scorpio sun passes for 6 days.In fairness it should be noted that the sun between 30 November and 18 December held another cluster of stars - Ophiuchus, but so historically happened that month, he has not got, and signs of the zodiac constellation was not included.

Origin names

each constellation zodiac signs people have come up to its name.According to one version, the origin of the name signs of the zodiac correspond to the labors of Hercules.Other versions are based on ancient Greek myths about the gods of Olympus.Each title and the sign has its own legend.Interestingly, despite the ancient Greek origin, the name of all the zodiac signs of old were written in Latin.

Today astrologers called the 12 signs of the zodiac, united by verse 4:

  • land - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo;
  • Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces;
  • Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius;
  • air - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.

According to mystical teachings, the signs of the zodiac - the constellations in the sky - empower people born under them (ie. E. A month, when the Sun passes a certain constellation), certain character traits.


first month of spring - March and April (21.03 - 20.04) - corresponds to the sign of Aries.Aries constellation consists of 20 stars.Mezartim, Sharatan, Gamal - the three brightest stars of Aries.About 2,000 years ago, the place the vernal equinox was in Aries.According to astronomers, it will come back here not soon, but after a long 24 000 years.

One myth tells how Aries makes a Phrixos with Gell, two children who at the behest of an evil stepmother Ino must be sacrificed.Different was the fate of the children, but the memory of the Sheep zolotorunnom always retained starry firmament.

Constellation Taurus

Taurus (April 21 - May 21) - a very noticeable constellation attentive observer will see up to 130 of its stars, 14 of which can be seen particularly clearly.Samie bright - Aldebaran, Nat and the star Alcyone and Zeta Tauri.This constellation is the point of the summer solstice.

According to one legend Taurus identified with Zeus.He took this image to steal Europe - the daughter of a Phoenician king.


in the constellation Gemini, you can see about 70 stars, two of which - Castor and Pollux - the brightest.Immeasurable brotherly love of Castor and Pollux, who tells about the ancient Greek myths, pushed people to find the two shining stars of heaven, and call them the Twins.The sign corresponds to May and June (22.05 - 21.06).

Constellation Cancer

summer months - June and July (22.06 - 23.07) - corresponds to the zodiac sign Cancer.Constellation Cancer - a very large and at the same time the weakest, it lost against the background of their neighbors bright fellow Leo and Gemini.In good weather, at night you can see without telescopic instruments 60 star constellations.The brightest - Altarf or Beta Cancer.

The appearance in the sky of the constellation legend connects the name of irreconcilable rivals Heracles Hera, she lifted it to a sea monster, that bit of Hercules during the battle with the Hydra.Although according to the legend, it was not cancer, and crab, it has attracted more than astronomers first name.

Constellation Leo

the constellation of Leo (July, August) called another sign of the zodiac.Constellation Leo - the brightest in the family sign.His biggest star called Regulus, which means king.Constellation interesting by the fact that in November, once in 33 years on it is possible to see meteor showers stellar stream.

mythological Nemean lion (which is associated with the appearance of the constellation) born to women-snake viper was able to defeat the illegitimate son of Zeus, Hercules.And the great Thunderer immortalized victory son ruined Monster lifting up at the sky.

constellation Virgo

Virgo - a large cluster of stars in the zodiac, 164 of its stars are visible without a telescope and a telescope.The brightest - Spica.In our era, in the constellation Virgo located autumnal equinox.Zodiac corresponds to August and September.

numerous legends associated with the Virgin and Rhea - mother of Zeus, or Themis, or Gaia, Mother Earth.

constellation Libra

Libra - the months of September and October.Once its component stars were part of the constellation Scorpio, but the distance, later formed a new constellation.The origin of the constellation associated with the daughter of Zeus Astrea, which is not tired, went on the ground, assessing the unjust and the just cause of the people with the help of weights.

consists of 83 stars, the brightest of which - Zuben al Shem and Zuben el Genubi.


Among the signs of the zodiac has found its place and Scorpio.This southern zodiac constellation - one of the brightest in the sky, it has 17 stars, the brightest of which - Antares.

How to tell the myths Scorpio mortally stung the young hunter Orion, settled permanently with him in heaven.This zodiac sign corresponds to October and November.


Sagittarius (November and December months) - the brightest star cluster.Before the watchful eye of the observer will appear stars of the constellation of 115, 14 of them are very bright stars, holding the championship Alnazl, Albaldah, Kaus Borealis, Cowes Meridianalis, Askella, and Kaus Australis Nunki.

This is a very interesting part of the sky.There are three Nebula, the center of the galaxy and the supermassive black hole.Sagittarius - the point of the winter solstice.

Sagittarius - a powerful image of the mythological centaur, ever rushing across the sky.


Capricorn corresponds to December and January.Without telescopic equipment, you can see the 86 stars in this cluster.Beta Capricorn - the brightest of all.

There are many legends about this constellation.In Greek mythology tells us that Capricorn was the son of Hermes.He frightened Hundred Chapters Titan, plunged into the sea.After that, his appearance has changed a lot, it turned into a goat with a fish tail.The gods were astonished mean monsters and took him to heaven.


Aquarius (the months of January and February) - another large cluster of stars in the solar path, the seven stars in its most vivid.Aquarius is clearly visible at night in the period from August to October.Closer to the second half of the summer in the constellation can be seen active meteor shower.Aquarius is famous for the fact that it is a huge and very close to the ground Helix Nebula.The name of the constellation of ancient legends means "master of the waters."


constellation Pisces corresponds to February and March.The biggest star in the constellation - alrischa.The cluster has 75 visible stars.This is the point of the vernal equinox.

According to the mythological tradition, fish - lovers Acis and Galatea.Pursued by the Cyclops Polyphemus in love with Galatea, they are not to be separated, rushed into the sea and were absorbed by it.The gods uplifted lovers to heaven and gave them eternal life in the constellation Pisces.