Washer-grower - a simple solution to a complex problem

Washers called fasteners, made of various materials, mainly of metal or plastic.Their form is most often the ring, but there are other (square, rectangular or even polygonal).They are designed to distribute the load when tightening nuts, bolts, screws, bolts, pins and other elements of threaded connections prevent nicks and other damage as well as to ensure good electrical contact.

But there are unusual washer.Grover has a special purpose.

Technical problem and its solution

rapid development of mechanical engineering, which occurred in the second half of the XIX century, has revealed a significant disadvantage of threaded connections.Mechanical loads, vibration and various vibrations of moving parts assemblies mechanism causes, in addition to fatigue failures, the threat of spontaneous reduction of the strength of their connections.Nuts and bolts loosening, and to monitor their condition, required time and effort.At the same time riveted connections, screwed former alternative, made it difficult to disassemble, and hence maintenance equipment, is becoming increasingly difficult.Special puck-grower was the solution to this problem.

The principle of

All ingenious is arranged simply and works flawlessly.Washer-grower is a spring coil or a ring with a cut, slightly curved so that the gap diverged in the direction of anti-rotation nut when it is unscrewed.During the forward stroke, nothing prevents the movement of the fixing means consisting of bolts (screw or stud) and nuts.However, when trying to rotate it in the opposite direction of the sharp edge bites into the metal and hinders this operation.

Where did the name "Grover?"

There are two main versions of why the spring washer grower's called.According to the first, it was immortalized name of the inventor.In support of this hypothesis is the fact that until the early fifties, the word "Grover" in Soviet technical documentation was written with a capital letter.After the Soviet Union launched the campaign against foreign words, according to the then linguists only clog up the "great and powerful", transistors became known as triodes, resistors - resistance, and puck-grower was renamed the spring, or at least encouraged to write thisterm with a small letter.

second version of the origin of the term based on his alleged relationship with the English word «Grow», meaning "growth".If you meditate figuratively, the stronger clamped fasteners, the more it resists, by virtue of the nature of the spring, the washer-grower.A straightened by unscrewing it, and its maximum transverse dimension increases, that is growing.

All fasteners produced in our country, strictly standardized.Is no exception and washer-grower.GOST 6402-70 clearly defines the mechanical properties "washer", the materials from which they are made, and dimensions on which they operate.This is not surprising, from this, at first glance, secondary assembly unit may depend on the safe operation of a complex machine.