The application for voluntary redundancy - a key document in the process of termination of the employment contract

today is rarely possible to find someone who all his life working on the same job.As the proverb says, "people are looking for, where better" and therefore quite often, having worked in one company a certain period, you can find a more promising place of work, a high-paying job or an interesting field of activity.And that in such situations it is necessary to resort to the procedure for termination of the work in the enterprise - dismissal.Analyzing the statistics, it is easy to note that the vast majority of employment contract termination - voluntary redundancy.Sample typical termination of work activities presented in the Labour Code, but in reality, sometimes there are things that are non-standard, and in these situations it is important to handle the legal norms regulating the process of termination of the employment contract.

application for voluntary redundancy - a document notifying the employer of the employee's intention to discontinue operating activities.This document - a very important paper, becauseIt is further regulates the date of reference period, mining, issuing employment record and dismissal.It is important to remember that this statement is an official notification of the employer's intention to stop work on its plant and therefore a mandatory period within which the employee is obliged to continue to work at the request of the company - two weeks.Of course, if you found a new employee at those positions, the dismissal may occur earlier.

As mentioned above, the application for voluntary redundancy regulates the date of final settlement and dismissal.In the Russian Federation TC final payment is made no later than 14 days after the day following the date of writing the application.It is worth noting that on the day of the calculation of the employee shall be issued his employment history and other personal documents, which he passed on to the personnel department (staff), accounting or other departments.It is noteworthy that every day of delay in the issuance of at least one person document considered a violation of the law, and the employer is liable for the violation in the amount of foregone earnings for each day of delay.Such sanctions spelled out in Article 234 of the Labor Code, which considers the delay return of documents illegally deprived of the opportunity to work the employee.

application for voluntary redundancy does not have to be transferred to the employer personally: this document may be addressed to the Director General by mail or fax, but this paper can be invalidated if the employer has any doubts about the authenticity of the signature.

In conclusion, we note some of the provisions specified in the Labour Code, but are often violated in the process of registration of dismissal.The application for voluntary redundancy - a document in which the employee is not obliged to indicate other reasons for its intention to terminate the employment contract with the exception of "voluntarily."Such a statement - an initiative of the employee, and to refuse termination of employment no one the right.In addition, you need to very carefully follow the process of final settlement with the employee.Very often employers refuse to compensate for unused vacation days, however, the law clearly states that all unused, but the rest payable mandatory outstanding employees in cash.

Thus, termination of employment - the process simple and quite clearly prescribed in the labor legislation, which regulates and procedure, and the application itself.Resignations take place simply and quickly, if they meet all regulatory requirements, not only on the part of the employee but also the employer.