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Oscar Wilde once said that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.Well, if this art is a positive example.But in our time, a host of books and movies, the heroes who robbed, killed, raped.And people begin to imitate the heroes of favorite works ...

doll Chucky

Many viewers have seen horror comedy about a doll Chucky, which infuse the soul of a serial killer.Little Monster commit one crime after another, instilling fear in others.Murder on the screen depicted is very reliable and ... exciting.No wonder that the doll Chucky became a cult character.having its fans around the world.One of them, 20-year-old Brazilian Mohamedd'Ali Karvalodos Santos just raved about Chucky, even made a tattoo on his back with a picture of his idol.Now he is in prison after the 2008 terrible crime - the killing and dismembering 17-year-old Cara Marie Burke Englishwoman.Police and forensic experts were shocked by the brutality with which the crime was committed.And the killer gave the process on a mobile phone that everything was "like a movie."The action was accompanied by mocking comments in the style of Chucky.The killer was about to send the video to his friend, who lives in England, who was also familiar with the murdered girl.According to Santos, at the time she stole two friends a lot of money, and therefore deserve to be punished.

Woman stabbed to death a huge carving knife, Santos threw her body in the bathroom, and he went to a party to friends, coolly thinking about how when he shares the victim's body and get rid of him, and that made the next day.Soon, the police found a suitcase under a bridge with her legs dead girl.

told about the bloody crime in the news, and the body was identified by her Kara's friends - tattoos.Began searches of murderers who were unsuccessful - Santos was caught and later confessed to the crime.The knife, which the murder was committed, was found in sewage next to the house maniac.

Santos went to jail, and police say that this is not his first offense - a year before the murder of Kara in the same river was found the corpse of another girl, dissected in a similar manner.But to prove the involvement of fan doll Chucky in the crime could not be ...

In Russia, too, has admirers doll Chucky.In April 2008, in the Kemerovo region was brutally murdered year-old girl.She killed her own grandfather - in a state of extreme intoxication.During the interrogation, the old man admitted that this day saw the movie, in which the doll killed people.In a state of alcoholic delirium he thought granddaughter is this doll and he dealt ruthlessly with her.

Bloody Halloween

And it's not isolated cases.In 2007, Italy was brutally stabbed to death a student Meredith Kercher from Britain.There has been a murder during the celebration of Halloween.The body of 21-year-old girl with her throat cut and 43 stab wounds was found in her bedroom at home neighbors.The fact that the victim's body was "carefully" nestled blanket, allowed police to assume that the murder of the woman involved.

investigation revealed that on the eve of the house was a stormy party.Questioning of witnesses helped to identify those present on it.A month after the murder were arrested suspects - 20-year-old Amanda Knox, 24-year-old Rafael Solechito and 22-year-old Rudy Guede African.

evidence against Amanda appeared fingerprints on the kitchen knife, the alleged murder weapon, as well as traces of her stay in the room of Meredith.According to the investigation, it was Knox slit the throat of his girlfriend, and then Guede strangled agonizing sacrifice.The reason for this crime was a refusal to engage students in a sexual orgy.

Later investigation revealed that all murderers - fans of Japanese comics, telling about the intricate murders.

in the apartment of one of the suspects these comics have been found in large numbers.One of the comic is fully consistent with the unfortunate murder of an English script ...

in 2006 in England to six life terms, was sentenced a maniac Daniel Gonzalez, who chose his idol killer Freddy Krueger from the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street."Gonzales razor killed four people.

In 2002, France was a scandal - one of the politicians demanded a ban in the country of rental movie "Scream".The occasion was the murder of 15-year-old girl.She was discovered in a park in the suburbs of Paris with numerous stab wounds.Before his death, she managed to give the name of the murderer.It appeared to be her classmate.During the interrogation, the murderer confessed that before watching the film "Scream" and he had a desire to kill someone - as did the teenagers in the film ...

corpses in the pit

in 2003 in Berdyansk held high-profile trialRuslan Hamarovym maniac who killed 11 women between 2001 and 2003.Hamarova When caught, he told the operatives of where the victims are buried - in the courtyard of his own house, in a deep pit.All the women were killed by a native of Berdyansk - maniac first raped them, and then dismembered with a knife.

During the investigation, the killer admitted that committed the murder, he copied scenes from American movies.The most beloved of his painting he called "Silence of the Lambs" and said that in many respects to emulate his hero-maniac.Hamar was sentenced to life imprisonment.

last year in Severodvinsk was convicted Leonid Sidorov, who was convicted of rape, robbery and murder.Teenager organized his own gang, which was engaged in petty theft and hooliganism.And then the worst happened - along with his accomplice he beat two men and a woman, which was then raped.On a woman teens dropped refrigerator, climbed on him and jumped, and then died unhappy.This process has caused quite a stir, because Leonid Sidorov - son of director Alexei Sidorov, has removed the famous TV series "Brigada".It is for this film, his son and "planned" their lives.He called himself Cosmos and his gang - "brigade".

This series acted in this way not only the son of the director - after its release in the country, a wave of crimes.For example, in the town of Starodub Bryansk region appeared gang of the same name - "Brigade", robbed and beaten by local residents.As a result of actions of the gang two victims died from the beatings, and eight were seriously injured.

Sometimes books or films about crime and violence have an impact not only on consumers but creators.In 2006, in Bashkiria was sentenced fiction writer Maxim Govorov, who was accused of raping an 8-year-old girl.Four months before the crime, he gave an interview to a local newspaper in which casually said that he sometimes wants to be on the site of his characters to experience for yourself their experiences.In one of the stories Govorov titled "Monster" hero raping little girls.It is noteworthy that the plot of the story is borrowed from Stephen King, who still is able to separate the real from the fictional world ...

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