Bull shark - the only shark that lives in fresh water

bull shark or bull shark - absolutely unique creation that can cause horror even the fact that representatives of this species is attributed to more than half the casualties.That bull shark or as it is otherwise called, tub-head - one of the most aggressive predators that live in the ocean - monster served as the prototype of the movie "Jaws."

In addition, it is the only one of 43 species of sharks that can thrive in both salt and fresh water (for example, one of the representatives of this type seen in the 4000 km upstream the Amazon in South America).

The secret to the ability of a bull shark lives in fresh water?

Most sharks salt concentration in the blood is the same as that available in seawater.And tuporylye predators, among other things, it is only 50%, which gives them a fresh environment, a large outflow of water through the gills and wash-out of chlorine and sodium from the body of the fish.

Save this same shark rectal glands, liver, kidney and gills, which are able to accumulate, and then allocate the necessary sodium and chlorine, which maintains its water-salt balance and thus facilitates adaptation to fresh water.

researchers, by the way, drew attention to the fact that fresh water is still the most frequent juveniles and adults swim here, mainly to produce offspring, as this tactic helps youngsters to survive.

How does the bull shark?

bull shark makes an indelible impression on those who met her.It has a large body, with female significantly more males and can reach 4 m in length, while their gentlemen grow mainly to 2.5 m. The weight of this shark also be called bovine - 300 kg!

spindly, like all of her relatives, the body ends predator massive head with a blunt, broad face and, of course, leading to the horror jaws.

Teeth our "beauty" are perfectly adapted to any desired surfaces razgryzaniya even tortoise shell.They are very sharp, have a triangular shape with a highly jagged and bent inward.By the way, as soon as any of the teeth falls in its place grows a new device for the murder.

painted with a shark in the blue-gray color, and belly - a bright, almost white.

Where does bull shark?

main habitat of the bull shark - a coastal warm and moderately deep waters of the southern hemisphere (about 30 to 150 m depth).Her house is the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

But it would be better to call these migrant hunters, as in search of food they are able to swim in the river and even in some lakes where live sometimes for several years.By favorite sharks rivers include the Amazon, the Potomac, Mississippi, Brisbane, Ganges and Brahmaputra.More than once, the bull shark is also found in Lake Nicaragua (Central America), where it has long been considered endemic species, and some other freshwater bodies with sufficient (at least 30 m) deep.

Incidentally, the representative of the class of cartilaginous fish is the most common type of shark, known throughout the world.Features

life shark bull shark

bull famous for their unpredictable aggressive behavior (for which, incidentally, got its name) and is considered one of the most dangerous for human predatory fish.Incidentally, it is the males bull shark are known for their aggressiveness.Obviously, this is due to the fact that they live in a place where you can meet a large number of swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

Despite the prevalence of these fish, in their behavior and characteristics of life, there are still ambiguities.And it is well known that this is the kind of socialized among his own kind.Sometimes bull sharks hunt in pairs or in small groups in which females dominate males obviously, although often they, like most relatives, prefer solitude.

in search of food, without trying to find the fish place, the bull shark absorbs everything that comes her way.It can attack and dolphins, and even tiger or the infamous great white sharks.It attracts crabs, crabs, shellfish, all kinds of fish and marine carrion.

Breeding bull shark

Puberty described the shark reaches 10-15 years (average life expectancy to 28 years old).During the breeding season she captures the last month of summer and early autumn.This type of shark is viviparous, since females are hatching fertilized eggs 10-11mesyatsev in your body as long as they do not ripen.

In its medium-bull shark is the dominant predator and therefore has no enemies, can not be said of her offspring, and this is reflected in the features of propagation of the fish.So, for delivery in brackish estuaries usually gather huge flocks of pregnant females, and each produces the light from three to thirteen fry, length does not exceed usually 60 cm. Mothers immediately leave the young to fend for themselves and more about themI do not care.But, as mentioned earlier, in freshwater have compelled to fight for their own lives sharks more likely to survive.

bull shark are dangerous to human

bull shark is often attacked and animals that came to drink water, and people lost their vigilance.Lightning attack it, immediately knocking the victim down.

Especially dangerous are these fish in the morning and evening, and when comes the time of the hunt.Therefore, people living along the river, where he meets a bull shark, clearly complies with safety rules:

  • one can not go into the water;
  • in muddy water (ie it like to hunt sharks) swim dangerous, especially after rain, which washes away the organics from the nearby fields;
  • long swims well may end tragically.