Beauty Caribbean.

One of the most beautiful places in the world - is the Caribbean Sea.It received its name due to the Carib Indian tribe living in the area.There is a second name - Antilles, which is used much less frequently.Caribbean beauty - the sea and the islands, which belong to its basin are considered the most interesting and romantic places on the planet.No wonder lovers come here to hold a wedding ceremony or honeymoon.

Geographical location

Caribbean belongs to the basin of the Atlantic Ocean.On the one hand it is limited to the shores of Central and South America, and on the other - Antilles.Therefore, a semi-enclosed sea.The waters of the Caribbean, the sea is connected to the Gulf of Mexico through the Yucatan Strait and the Pacific Ocean - through the Panama Canal.The swimming pool area is about 2,753,000 square kilometers.Sea washes the shores of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico and the Yucatan Peninsula.The Caribbean is divided into five pools that limit the island and underwater ridges.The maximum depth of 7686 meters, although it is considered a shallow sea.

Pearl of the Atlantic Ocean

Where the Caribbean Sea, there is an incredible color, dissimilar corners, there is love and romance.This area is famous for its extraordinary coral reefs, a large number of tropical cyclones, which are devastating and, of course, piracy.The coastline of the sea is not uniform, it is highly indented.There are many beautiful lagoons, bays, coves and picturesque headlands.Seashore mostly low-lying, with white sandy beaches, but sometimes meets and mountainous terrain.Every country whose shores are washed by the sea, has its own, extraordinary color.Therefore, the journey of the Caribbean becomes unforgettable.


Bright colors of the Caribbean - it's numerous islands.They are all united in the Antillean archipelago (Lesser and Greater Antilles, Bahamas).Each island has its unique landscape, flora and fauna.They inhabit the colorful peoples, and here you can try the exotic cuisine.Each island of the Caribbean - is a wonderful area, which it is necessary to visit, to feel the atmosphere of the beautiful nature.Choose a place to visit is very hard, because you want to know the beauty of the Caribbean.

most picturesque corners

most passionate area of ​​the Caribbean - Jamaica is.Amazes imagination nature, exotic music, mountains, hot sun, sandy beaches and the local flavor for a long time remain in memory and cause to come back here again and again.Incredible waterfalls, colorful jungle, beautiful lagoons and rare wildlife species will appear before the eyes of tourists.Saint Lucia - this is an unusual island that attracts for its white beaches, tranquil harbors and virgin nature.Here, if you find yourself in virgin forest, untouched by man, and you feel at one with the environment.Dominica - this is the best area for ecotourism.It is located in the warm waters of the Caribbean.Its surface is covered with impenetrable jungle, among which lurk dormant volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs and mountain streams.Martinique - an island of flowers, where surprisingly harmoniously mixed European culture and the local exotica.One can endlessly enumerate the Caribbean beauty, but cover all the amazing features it is simply impossible.

Bottom topography of the sea bottom relief

Caribbean uneven.There are numerous hollows and hills.All dresses are conditionally divided into five parts, which are separated by underwater ridges.Among the features of the surface of the bottom should be noted Cayman Trench, Trench Puerto Rico trench and Haiti.The waters of the Caribbean, the sea - it is a very seismically active regions.Therefore, there are frequent hurricanes and tsunamis that afflict the inhabitants of coastal villages.Most of the coastal soil is composed of sand, but there are also rocky surface.A distinctive feature of the Caribbean are white beaches.

underwater flora

Beauty Caribbean, Sea attracts divers.This is no accident.The flora of this reservoir is very rich and diverse.Here you can find the whole picturesque clearing vegetation, which affects its beauty.The jewel of the underwater world are coral reefs.This amazing construction created by nature itself.Numerous species of algae will amaze even the most demanding lovers of the underwater flora.Very great harm coral reefs and vegetation cause hurricanes, bringing dust and contaminating these wonderful pieces of nature.

Fauna Sea Fauna

Caribbean is unique.It is home to the most exotic marine mammals and fish.A feature of the underwater world are the sea turtles, which are presented in a large variety of species.One of the island got its name because of the huge number of animals (Las Tortugas).In the pool there are also large mammals (whales, sperm whales).The underwater world - this is the most unique features that give people the Caribbean Sea.Photo its beautiful and diverse representatives receive the most colorful.This part of the world - a unique and wonderful world that pleases the eye and caressing those who come here.