Knowledge and creativity.

study of the surrounding world - a continuous process of acquiring knowledge, which is constantly expanded and deepened, becoming more sophisticated.There are empirical and theoretical knowledge.The latter is the highest stage, and is a component of the predominance of rational sense.This does not mean that the sensory component is eliminated entirely - it becomes a subordinate.Materialistic theories suggest that comprehension - is a realistic reflection of the external world of man, as well as play it the way it exists outside of human consciousness.

studying theoretical knowledge of truth and error, the accuracy of the knowledge as well as the main stages of the cognitive process.It uses the following techniques and methods: idealization, abstraction, deduction and synthesis.Also, it is a characteristic feature of reflexivity and the study of the process of acquiring knowledge.His form theory, the hypothesis, the problem, the principle of the law.It is important to understand that a clear boundary b

etween the theoretical and empirical level does not exist.

Knowledge and creativity - these are two concepts that are inextricably linked.They are a harmonious interaction between object and subject, in which humanity receives substantial knowledge about the world.Civilized people at all times wondered how important creativity is in a person's life.There is historical evidence that people have raised this question back in the ancient times.It was the first time there were terms such as knowledge and creativity.Philosophy appeared later and confirmed the truth that people continually exploring the world and thanks to this develops.As the growing consciousness of the people, all of them interested in more than just the problem of existence, and the origin of the world and the role in this process is played by knowledge and creativity.Famous thinkers of the time makes an interesting attempt to define the essence of these concepts and their relation to the comprehension of the mysteries of existence.Dialectical materialist philosophy knowledge is not understood as a mirror image or a passive contemplation, but as a process of active and creative reflection of reality.Here a person acts as a public entity, which really affects the course of historical reality.

Currently, due to the steady flow of information and the latest innovations in science and public relations there is a need creative approach to solving scientific and technical problems.Knowledge and creativity in this respect are the most important factors that activates the individual and forces her to reveal more fully.In general, it contributes to the ultimate goal.

If we consider this question, as the formation of many different kinds of science and art, it becomes clear that one of the main roles are played by knowledge and creativity.Philosophy subsequently codified human results.She was able to generalize the knowledge and provided an opportunity to define their relationship.

mainstay of the theory of knowledge are sociology, anthropology, ethics, culture and hermeneutics.It would seem that the experience gained humanity for thousands of years, given the historical background, in contemporary society should come complete harmony.However, we are really witnessing a crisis of modern personality, which caused widespread unification of integrative processes, and this is happening on a global scale, and due to the fact that the company is developing a man-made slope.Despite the fact that knowledge and creativity has always been a driving factor in the development of society, today we are facing a clear crisis of creation, which was formed as a result of the growing spiritual vacuum.To overcome this situation can be targeted focus on the meaning of spirituality for the harmonious development of man and society as a whole.