The surplus - is the main characteristic of the execution of the state budget

Budget surplus represents the excess of the planned budget revenues over the corresponding costs.Such a state budget of any country is the most successful one for its economic development.However, in practice as a result of the existence of the state to get the budget surplus - it is quite difficult, and sometimes impossible task.So often it is accompanied by the implementation of the budget deficit, which contributes to the national debt.

surplus - it does not mean that the economy has "healthy" attributes.The analysis should pay special attention to any of it can be traced budget surplus (in the state, municipal, regional or consolidated).For example, over the past few years, the state budget surplus traceable - is not positive his performance, as can be observed deficit of the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation.The main cause of a situation - a negative balance of the majority of regional and local budgets.

often causes some outstanding economists see the budget surplus is not in the

merits and mistakes of the government.Thus, the artificial transfer of financial resources to the state budget by withholding them from the local and regional budgets leads to an inefficient subsistence of local and regional authorities.

However, government supporters to make comments in the defense of the state governing structure.They noted that the surplus - is the ability of the central authorities be clearly balanced budget that avoids negative economic factors such as inflation.And the presence of deficits in the regions associated with low levels of the budgetary process in the field.

From experience we know that the massive centralization of financial resources always leads to a decrease in capacity of the financial plan of the subjects of management, which significantly interferes with better-equipped production, the transition to the latest technology.These factors lead to a decrease in economic efficiency.In some states there are rules prohibiting the adoption of a budget with a surplus.If it still appears in the budget, and in this case of any situation can not be assessed unequivocally positive.So, if the budget surplus is due to economical use of funds provided for in full on the budget expenditures financing, it is a positive phenomenon.If enough high incomes obtained through the current economic situation favorably, due to austerity or due to underfunding of the budget expenditure, the obvious negative factors.

However, regardless of the cause of the surplus is necessary to make timely measures aimed at the preservation of funds in the budget.