How to pick up haircuts for different types of people?

How to choose a hairstyle?This question is difficult to give a definite answer.First, you must focus on the shape of the face, for example, the girl with chubby cheeks contraindicated collect hair in a bun, otherwise it will look even more "volume".Second, the hair should not conflict with the general style of its owner: agree, bright representative office culture will look more than strange with multicolored dreadlocks, as well as the good girl - with shaven temples.Finally, it is recommended to pay attention to the general condition of the hair, if they are weakened, overdried, flogged, but the owner of the fanatical claims firm decision to grow them, and would like to advise her hair cut short.So, how to choose a hairstyle for the shape of the face?

oval face

happy owner of individuals with the same width of the forehead and chin will fit almost any hairstyle: long, short, asymmetrical, curly or straight hair, braids, ponytails, beams ... Even the bare skull in such proportions will look unusual, butnot repulsive.

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person "heart»

How to choose a hairstyle for those whose shape resembles a heart?As in the forehead are rather broad, and narrows the chin, hair should ideally restore the balance.It is recommended to make oblique fringe, and at the bottom add volume.Lush hair, small curls, "torn" strands - all this is perfect.

long face

questions about how to choose a hairstyle, often set girl with a long face.As an example, lead-actress Sarah Jessica Parker.Please note that it is not afraid to experiment, but the most successful of her hairstyles are one type: a magnificent crown and a short fervent bangs.Style your hair better in the direction away from you - it will help to add fullness to the cheeks smooth and prominent cheekbones.

round face

How to choose a hairstyle, if you are inclined to be overweight and his face resembles a round ruddy apple?Do you need the illusion of length.For this, as in the previous case, you need to add volume on top and cut off oblique bangs, but whiskey, on the contrary, smooth.Elongated or asymmetrical bob will also be a good option.

square face

You weighted jaw and a straight line of hair growth?The softness, smoothness, layering - these are the three words that you need to memorize before going to the hairdresser.Cascading hairstyle covering the ears, help to narrow face and round it.Not bad will look and soft waves.

person "a diamond»

For this type of hair stylists recommend to pick up a short cut, closing cheekbones.To reduce the width of the forehead, avoid smooth parting - it is better to make an oblique or even zacheshite hair back.

pear-shaped person

determine that you have it, "pear", very simple - it is an inverted heart.Accordingly, the scope should "move" from the chin to the forehead.Forget about the short haircuts and "teacher" beams: the lush and long bangs, the more advantageous it will look.The optimum length of hair - about the middle of the shoulders.