Return tax when buying property.

When buying an apartment person often gives much of their savings, so state aid will not be superfluous.It is possible to recover the money, if you execute a sequence of actions.

The amount of the tax deduction

for real estate, which was purchased by one-time payment, refund of overpaid tax is calculated in full, if the total price of the object does not exceed 2,000,000 rubles.When purchasing real estate due to the mortgage person will be able to receive compensation in full only if the value of the property does not exceed 6000000 rubles.

amount of credit, the amount of which is determined by the state, is calculated only from the money that people paid personally when carried out purchase of an apartment.Income tax refund is not carried out for the implementation of the additional payments, they will not be compensated.If the property is issued on the acquisition of several owners, each of them receives a tax payment in the amount that is equivalent to it occupied part of the residential area.

Property tax deduction

When a person acquires property with a price of less than 2 million rubles, or even a few years can reach the missing amount to get the full amount of compensation, rather than calculating the percentage of each new acquisition.

If a person engaged in the sale of real estate at the same time in which he lived until recently, and then decided to buy a new object, 13% of the proceeds are allowed to send to repay the tax from the sale of his apartment.This function should only be required despite the fact that property is owned by no more than 3 years.

Persons entitled to a tax refund

  1. Users of the nationality of the Russian Federation, thus having an official income, the sum of which continually made contributions to personal income tax.This is because when a citizen pays 13% of salary to the state, then, has the right to receive the money, in turn, when he could buy property.
  2. Only residents of the Russian Federation have the right to apply for the payment of the tax deduction.At the same time they are obliged to remain within the borders of the Russian Federation not less than 183 days.It is noteworthy that this term is prohibited to break, that is, if a person had to ever travel outside of the state for counting these days, their number is canceled, returning again have to count the period from the first day.
  3. Permanent travelers to receive this compensation is very difficult.Not eligible for the people, the kind of professional activity which are ranked among the handicrafts.It is necessary to confirm that a person receives income from this kind of activity.This category does not fall and officially unemployed.
  4. Pensioners, a regular income of more than 5534 rubles.It must make for yourself and be a formalization at work, paying income tax every month.This amount should officially appear every month a pensioner as a pension tax is not paid.
  5. Minors.You can get around the restriction, which consists in their partial legal competence, even though any of the property immediately issued for the child.For it must apply, to provide all documents, his parents or legal guardians.

People who are not eligible for a tax refund

  1. formalizing IP, as their activities enables them to receive a monthly income that is above average.
  2. legal persons, as the name of the organization never come back taxes.
  3. Working people, who do not feature on the basis of the work book, as are the professional activities on the basis of an employment contract or illegally.
  4. officially idle stratum of the population, registered unemployment.

tax return when buying a property through the tax

document relates only to the specific tax office to which a person is assigned on the basis of a permanent residence or registration in a particular dwelling.Keep in mind that when you buy a tax refund is made after submission of all the necessary certificates and certificates.

Documents may be submitted in any day to take specific tax.Tax refund can execute even after the day on which the deadline for tax returns.That is, the related documents after April 30 will be as valid as filed before that date.

usually quite long drawn an income tax refund.What documents are provided to the tax office, you need to know in advance, pre-assemble them in full.Take Russian passport.When you apply for a minor necessarily need a certificate of his birth.

addition to the basic data about the identity of the person is given a 3-PIT declaration, reflecting an almost complete picture of the tax man.Help 2-PIT also tells the story of deductions, deductions that are public, but it can be taken only by the employer.If a person has only recently started to work at the new location, you must at the same time provide the same certificate from a previous job.Generally two reference may be required if the person is working on a new place in less than a year.

Additional documents

  1. Fill bank account details.It should issue them with great care, since deviations in the figures should not be.If a request to approve a person, then to the account officers Tax Organization to transfer the calculated amount.If there is something to fill properly, there is no guarantee repayment with false accounts.
  2. provided TIN.If the person did not already managed to get, it can quickly take it from his own employer.
  3. the necessary documents that are evidence of ownership of the purchased property, to implement an income tax refund when buying property.They are available in full.Usually it is a contract of sale, although this is often an act of reception and transmission housing.Recently, design of these documents is it that legally they are combined, ie, both are simultaneously transmitted testimony.

Features filing

Except for declarations and statements, and all other papers submitted shall be provided either in the original or certified copies have.You do not have to use the services of a notary.Each person may certify a copy of itself.To do this, each original must be signed personally by the applicant, it should be to write the phrase "true copy".

usually supplied the basic documents, but depending on the region and situation of tax service workers may require other evidence.It is advisable to take a hike at this organization all that relates to the acquired property, in order to successfully implement the refund of overpaid tax.

Return of income tax when buying property

  1. Before submitting the documents need to fill in a special statement.It should do so very carefully, as any inaccuracies in the information provided may be cause for denial of an income tax refund.
  2. After submission of all required documents are sent to the employees of the tax service.On the tax return when buying real estate terms are defined very large, since the tax shall decide whether a sum of money within three months from the date of receiving the documents.
  3. Sometimes employees of tax inspection cause the person to clarify any details, but it happens very rarely.When to buy an apartment, income tax refunds can not be made of the tax inspection, if any documents or circumstances do not meet the rules.
  4. If the application is approved, after the official end of the application calculated the amount of money transferred to the employees of the tax on the bank account specified in the application.Everyone has the right to use these funds for any purpose, as they moved into the property.

income tax returns from the employer

person who has acquired property, has the right to request a tax deduction from your employer, that is, from the organization, which conducts a formal employment.Payments can be received in the form of non-payment of income tax, that is, the person will receive the salary completely.This opportunity is available until there are no more all rely person cash.

To make a request in the form of providing for a tax refund when buying a property, you must contact the tax office to get a certificate confirming the right man for these benefits.To do this, you must submit a basic package of documents, however, do not need to take the 3-PIT declaration and 2-PIT.

Package documents presented to the employer

If tax officials will approve the application, it is required to issue a certificate to the employer.Together with the certificate necessary to provide an additional list of documents:

  1. certificate of registration of property rights to purchase real estate.
  2. Treaty, which indicates the transition of the property rights.
  3. Any document which confirms the transfer of funds to the seller.

to address the employer must submit an application, which indicates a request for a refund of the tax when buying property by obtaining a full salary, which are not deducted from the funds to the tax office.This application must be filed not later than within one year from the date of the formal conclusion of the contract governing the transfer of ownership.

To make a tax refund when buying a property, you must contact the tax office and submit an application, along with the rest of the package of documents.If the deal is framed properly, one is guaranteed to receive a payment of money owed to it by law.