What does the manager

Everyone knows the profession "manager".This is one of the most sought-after professions today.What does a manager?What's his job?

managers engaged in various activities.

Management. manager, head of the organization or structural division takes management decisions.Working in the structural units of the administrative authorities, provides a land management, property, real estate, various branches of municipal economy, etc.

Organizational .Involved in the organization and planning, as well as the control of the management of a specific territory.

Financial and planned .Working in the financial and economic departments of governments and authorities, the manager organizes financial planning and management.

Marketing .Tries to unleashing the potential of a certain area for the most profitable and efficient use.

What does the manager yet?

conducts information and analysis activities.It analyzes the state of affairs and collects all the necessary information.

provides methodological activity, that is, summarizes the experiences and makes recommendations to improve the state of affairs.

engaged in innovative activities.What does this mean?Manager implements the organization control all things new.

undertake an economic analysis, forecasting and planning the development of a specific territory.What does a manager in this case?Leads the development of the current long-term plans of development of the territory, interacting with different economic entities involved in the calculation of resource requirements and selection of effective solutions for resource-limited settings.

The above actions are more suited to managers, economists and managers working in the administration of the territory.What is the responsibility of the manager of Tourism?After all, this profession is now gaining momentum.

This manager must recognize the desires and goals of people, directing them to where they want to go really.

His responsibilities include the organization of interaction between people, the creation of their joint work.There motivation and actions of people, encourage them to improve the efficiency and quality of individual and collective activities.

His duties included, and control over the actions of employees, analysis and evaluation of the results of their work.

Finally, the sale of services.Tourism management must be able to speak beautifully and correctly, to describe the country are interested in the client, advise the placement and the ability to convince to buy a particular tour.

no less popular today, and project manager.The duties of the profession:

  1. Conducting project development and implementation.

  2. Control over the timing of output of the approved plan.

  3. Sales forecasting project, as well as monitoring and adjustment of forecasts.

  4. Development and coordination with the management objectives and milestones of the project.

  5. Training plans income, expenses and cash flows, aimed at the implementation of the project.

  6. Records Management.

  7. participation in the management of expenditure on approved projects in accordance with the cash flow budget.

  8. Organization projects to the established plan.

  9. Preparing and conducting presentations.

10. Amendment of the projects and their implementation within the agreed time within budget.

11. Coordination of all participants in the project group.

12. Quality control of the work.

13. The adjustment of the schedule and budget of the project, coordination of changes with the curators.

14. Meetings, and planning them.

15. Maintain project reports and present them to the curator of the project.

Now you know what the manager.As you can see, this profession is interesting and at the same time complicated.