Football world championship.

Every 4 years football fans gather at the televisions to cheer for their team at the World Cup.The tournament was founded over 80 years ago and since then has not changed its traditions.Anyone who managed to get on this football event, remembered him for a lifetime.Millions of people come to the country, who take the championship, to support their national team and see how it will perform against the favorites of the tournament.

origin of the word "world championship┬╗

Recently, the phrase "World Cup" are increasingly replaced by the word "world championship".What is it and when was the first to use this concept?In 1982, the global soccer tournament took Spain.That she was the birthplace of the word.The fact that the "world championship" in Spanish means "world", and to read the word as "world championship".Interestingly, the official title of world football tournament does not contain the words "world championship".International Football Federation gave its name to the tournament Copa del Mundo de Futbol - Espana 82. That fans and commentators were the ones who contributed to the birth of a new title of this tournament.In that year, the tournament attracted more than two million people who have supported 24 football powers.

Fans composed a variety of chants and songs, and television commentators have supported them and began their broadcast greetings with the word "world championship".What is it for yourself for the first time have experienced Spanish players, because they had been entrusted with a great responsibility.At the tournament, the Spanish team did not yet have that power and greatness, unlike today's Spanish national team that took a lot of trophies in the European and world stage.In 1982, the "Red Fury" came just before the second stage, which took third place in group "B" and flew to the championship.Spanish mundiale shone other teams.

Arc Italian team

football world champions became the Italians, who hit his offensive and defensive line.That's Italian striker Paolo Rossi was listed main goalscorer when ended the world championship.

What it is - to be the main scorer of the national team and become an idol for millions of Italians - he felt for the first time.In that year, Rossi was named the best player in Europe and the World.In the final tournament the Italians managed to beat the German national team with a score of 3: 1, and then Rossi scored his sixth and final goal, and that was for him decisive.In the finals the Germans were successful thanks to a penalty shootout which was won victory over the French.

Brazilian mundial

As already noted, "world championship" means "world", that is the name since 1982 is only used in the title of the world championship.As is known, in addition to the World Cup, held every four years, there is the European Championship, which also defines a winner every 4 years.However, the European tournament for teams not received such popularity, so special it has no name.What does the word "world championship", can be understood, and when viewing the latest world soccer tournament, which was held in Brazil.

Fans of all countries in the stands chanted slogans devoted to their idols.Most reviews of the informal name of the football tournament has already been used constantly, because readers do not even know the origin of the word, with the first sentence of understand what will be discussed.

Russia - the owner of the World Cup 2018

should also mention the fact that in Russia in 2018 will host the next soccer world championship.What is it, finally on themselves feel all Russians.11 cities of Russia will take on their football arenas 32 teams that will compete for their country received the title of best football powers of the next four years.Who knows, perhaps it is the captain of the Russian national team will lift the trophy World Cup over his head ...